Total Divas returns with draft worries plus Natalya’s fears about wrestling Nikki Bella

Nikki Bella on Total Divas
Nikki Bella speaks on the phone in Total Divas

The women of the WWE are back tonight on Total Divas, and with some really happy news!

Fellow WWE star and actor John Cena is finally putting a ring on Nikki Bella, but this newsworthy joy comes with some clouds as the Divas all worry about getting in the wrestling ring again with Nikki — who has had tricky spinal surgery.

Nobody wants the guilt of ending her career on their hands. Especially Natalya who has a heart-to-heart with Nikki’s sister Brie!

Natalya tells Brie her fears about facing Nikki in the ring on Total Divas

The Total Divas cast is made up of WWE Superstars Brie Bella, Nikki Bella, Eva Marie, Naomi (Trinity), Natalya (Nattie), Paige, Lana, Maryse and Renee Young.

And for these ladies, like all of us, life marches along and relationships are put to the test as they weigh decisions like marriage and having children with their physically demanding professional careers.

Sometimes you have to step away, and the comebacks are always fraught with worry.

In the mid-season premiere, the big WWE draft is the big enchilada and the athletes of the WWE are in a nerve-wracking waiting game as they learn the outcome.

Where they are assigned will directly affect their relationships and friendships.

But the focus on the opener is on Nikki, who is determined to climb back into the ring for the WWE after her injury and subsequent surgery.

She too wants to be drafted, but footage shows her fellow Diva Natalya express real fear in training with her.

In the opener we head to the draft in Worcester, Massachusetts, as Natalya, Lana and Renee tell us in B-roll how they deal with the stress of the announcements and potential moves.

Meanwhile, Nikki and John are finally engaged!

John Cena proposed to longtime girlfriend Nikki after they won WrestleMania, and Monday morning they dished to the Today show’s Al Roker, Sheinelle Jones and Jane the Virgin star Gina Rodriguez.

Guaranteed to be part of this season, Mr. Cena had this romantic surprise all planned out…

The premiere sees Natalya, Lana, Renee and the rest of the ladies of the WWE all on edge as they find out who’s going to WWE’s Raw and WWE’s Smackdown.

Renee shares that she is worried where Dean is going. And watch the clip below as Natalya visits Brie and talks about Nikki’s injuries, saying she really is not keen on getting back in the ring with her.

One wrong move could end her career forever.

Despite her apprehension and Brie’s counsel, Natalya says: “If a world class surgeon has cleared her…I have her back…she’s ready for this!”

Total Divas airs Wednesday at 9pm ET/PT on E!

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