Total Divas bonus: Girls fear being split up in WWE Brand Extension

The Divas sitting around waiting
The Divas lay in wait for Mark Carrano, but will his answers satisfy their concerns?

Total Divas has hit a potential impasse!

With only three episodes left until the mid-season finale, what will happen next for all the Divas?

It looks like a seismic shift as they ambush VP of talent relations Mark Carrano to quiz him over what the “Brand Extension” they’ve heard about actually means for them.

In the bonus clip, Carrano heads to the production offices and finds the audience of awaiting Divas.

He explains WWE will be two different companies, “Raw” versus “SmackDown” to the girls. Despite his calm demeanor, the girls all seem quite concerned about the changes and how they relate to their own careers — as it means they will be split up.

Of all the girls, Trinity seems the most worried and is directly interviewed in B-roll.

She says: “This just changes the whole game, this is a game changer. You could be split up from your friends, your lover…it can work in your favor or not in your favor.”

Will the WWE’s top stars get divvied up and separated from their wrestling family?

Watch the bonus clip as Trinity, Eva Marie and the other ladies get the career-changing news.

On this week’s Total Divas, Brie is unsure when Bryan gets a new work offer that could put a barrier in their plans for a family, and Paige’s career prospects could rest on what her MRI says.

Meanwhile, Nattie wants to get the boot as planner for Lana’s big day, and Renee is the odd one out on a couples vacation.

Total Divas airs Wednesdays at 9 pm on E!

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