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Topless Mark Milburn flirts with male guest on Timber Creek Lodge

Mark flirts with male guest Skylar while washing a car topless on this week's Timber Creek Lodge
Mark flirts with male guest Skylar while washing a car topless on this week’s Timber Creek Lodge

Jenna Gillund looks like she’s pretty much had it with Mark Milburn on this week’s Timber Creek Lodge — after he reveals some shocking incidents from his past then flirts topless with a male guest!

Jenna’s been feeling homesick and when Mark sheds light on some things he’s got up to in the past that doesn’t help her feel any better.

To rub salt in her wounds, she then has to watch gets his top off and cleans a car with male guest Skylar — before letting Skylar rub him down with a cloth!

Mark says: “It doesn’t matter if it’s ladies or men, I’ll turn on the charm for anyone really!”

But after Mark makes the comments about his past, Jenna says: “I’ve been thinking about what he said last night, and now he’s doing this…like, is he trying to show me how much he likes men?

“Why are you flirting with him? Why is your shirt off? We’re in Canada, it’s winter!”

This week’s Timber Creek Lodge sees a new set of guests arrive in a group of wealthy Texans, who want to experience a “Lone Star” break — hence Mark’s cowboy hat.

But they end up pushing him to cross lines he shouldn’t really cross which puts the future of the lodge at risk.

Colston Villanueva also has a connection with a guest, and Cynthia Barker stars an investigation in the aftermath of her Tinder date.

Timber Creek Lodge airs Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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