Top 10 best 2019 Super Bowl commercials

Super Bowl commercial Game of Thrones
Carrie and The Dude enjoy Stella Artois in their 2019 Super Bowl commercial. Pic credit: Stella Artois

The Super Bowl came and went and featured one of the lowest scoring title games in NFL history. However, for those who only came for the Super Bowl commercials, this year was another big winner.

The Super Bowl this year included some shorter trailer clips for exciting upcoming movies (Avengers: Endgame, Captain Marvel, Hobbs & Shaw and the horrifying looking Us). It also included shills for products using humor, drama and irony.

Here is a look at the 10 best 2019 Super Bowl commercials that actually made this year’s big game bearable.

Honorable Mention – The Twilight Zone

Mostly, this list won’t include the movie and TV trailers that were shown during the Super Bowl. However, the teaser for Jordan Peele’s upcoming Twilight Zone reboot deserves some special mention.

The Twilight Zone is coming back in April to CBS All-Access and Jordan Peele (Get Out) is the man behind the new version of the anthology horror/sci-fi series.

This commercial probably freaked out millions of Super Bowl fans as it started to cut out the telecast and then showed that CBS was now off the air. However, it came back and the stadium was now empty.

Jordan Peele then told narrated the intro, similar to the original Rod Sterling introduction to the original Twilight Zone. He then said: “When truth is not the truth, what dimension are you even in” and walked through a door in the middle of the field, disappearing to the other side.

10. Avocados from Mexico – Top Dog

Kristen Chenoweth (American Gods) starred in the Avocados from Mexico 2019 Super Bowl commercial that took an interesting look at a dog show. In this case, it was humans who had to do the tricks.

Chenoweth was one of the commentators and it all ended when one of the humans made a break for it and tried to get to the avocados set up as the big prize.

9. Pepsi – More than OK

Last year, there was a Coke truck driver and Pepsi truck driver who were sharing a soda from each other’s stock. This year, Pepsi took on the idea of people in restaurants always ordering Coke for their 2019 Super Bowl commercial.

In this commercial, when a woman ordered a Coke, the waiter asked if Pepsi was OK. This is a typical response to anyone who is used to ordering Cokes when they go out to restaurants.

Steve Carell then showed up and said Pepsi is more than OK, like puppies and the laughter of a small child. Then Lil Jon and Cardi B showed up and delivered their famous “OK’s” to emphasize that Pepsi is more than just OK.

8. Hyundai – The Elevator

This year, Hyundai brought in Jason Bateman to help promote their Shopper Assurance.

Bateman plays an elevator operator who lets in two people to a crowded elevator and when they say they are car shopping, he says they are “going down.”

On the way, he drops off people for the dentist, jury duty and “the talk” with parents about sex. He finally almost hits the bottom and this is where used car salesmen work.

However, the couple used Shopper Assurance so Bateman takes them back up to a glorious shopping experience. There is still someone on the elevator, though, who Batemen refers to as “Captain Colon.”

7. Budweiser – Wind Never Felt Better

Budweiser always takes their Super Bowl commercials seriously. They pull on heart strings and love to make people smile with their ads.

This year, one of Bud’s Super Bowl commercials took on a very serious topic and showed what they are doing about enviromental issues.

The commercial had the Budweiser horse-drawn wagon rolling alone with a dog in the back. However, what looked like a period piece changed when the camera backed up and showed windmills delivering wind power — something that Budweiser is 100 per cent changing to in the near future.

6. Olay – Killer Skin

Buffy the Vampire fans rejoice. Sarah Michelle Gellar is back for a 2019 Super Bowl commercial.

However, this doesn’t reference or pay homage to her role in Buffy as much as her role in slasher movies (she was in I Know What You Did Last Summer).

A masked intruder busts in and SMG and her boyfriend race upstairs. She tries to unlock her iPhone but can’t due to facial recognition not knowing who she is.

Turns out she used Olay, and she shows an old photo to her date to show how bad she used to look. The serial killer then pops up and acknowledges that Olay worked wonders.

5. Stella Artois – Change Up The Usual

Stella Artois beer chose to use two very familiar faces and demonstrate that even the most habitual people can switch up their drinks sometimes.

The first was Carrie from Sex and the City (Sarah Jessica Parker), and she entered the restaurant first. She was asked if she wanted a Cosmo, but asked instead for a Stella — which completely throws off everyone since a Cosmo is the drink the character is known for.

Then, The Dude from Big Lebowski (Jeff Bridges) walks in. He comments on the mess the restaurant is in and when the bartender asks if he wants his White Russian, which he drank through the entire movie, he also chooses a Stella Artois, and more people fall over themselves.

After Carrie tells him it was a good choice, The Dude said change can be good.

4. Microsoft – We All Win

Microsoft’s is the 2019 Super Bowl commercial that made us all cry this year.

While lots of people play video games, most don’t think about those who struggle with it due to disabilities. We All Win introduces us to young children who are missing arms, missing hands, and have disabilities that make handling a controller difficult.

It also includes interviews with the kids and their parents about their struggles to fit in.

Then, Microsoft introduces their Xbox Adaptive Controller that is made so that anyone, regardless of any disability, can play games with their friends on the same level as any other kid.

This Super Bowl commercial brought all the feels.

3. Bud Lite – Game of Thrones X

This 2019 Super Bowl commercial was great, but it was made even better after reading how angry Game of Thrones fans were that this was aired instead of a trailer giving away parts of the show’s final season.

The Bud Lite Knight has been a mainstay for a couple of years now (Dilly Dilly), but his time has finished. That is because he was part of a joust — one that he lost to The Mountain from Game of Thrones.

As the spectators watched in horror, The Mountain then brutally murdered him before a dragon swooped in and lit the entire arena on fire.

The Bud Lite commercial ended by showing that the final season of Game of Thrones premieres on April 14 on HBO.

2. NFL – The 100-Year Game

Maybe you have to be a football fan to enjoy the NFL 100 Super Bowl commercial but it was brilliant and showcased some of football’s most legendary players — old and new.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell was talking about the 100th anniversary of the NFL when Marshawn Lynch noticed the big cake celebrating it. He reached over to sneakily try to steal a piece when he slipped and bumped the cake, knocking the golden football off the top.

Peter Berg (Friday Night Light Lights) directed the commercial and pretty much everyone was in it.

Fans got to watch Barry Sanders running again (with Emmitt Smith remarking that he still ran for more yards). Joe Montana backed up to throw the ball, refused to throw to Michael Irvin (“no can do Cowboy”) before throwing to Jerry Rice, only to have Deion Sanders intercept the pass and high step.

Peyton Manning threw the ball to Jerry Rice and complained that it hurt. Jim Brown, Dick Butkis and more were sitting around talking about how great it was. Baker Mayfield told “Old Man” Tom Brady to get in there, so Brady took off all his Super Bowl rings and handed them to Baker to get involved.

Michael Strahan even tried to sack Terry Bradshaw.

This 2019 Super Bowl commercial was an NFL fan’s dream.

1. Amazon Alexa – Not Everything Makes the Cut

Finally, it was Amazon Alexa that took home the award for the best 2019 Super Bowl commercial.

A woman from Amazon is talking to a guy about adding Alexa to a Microwave and how cool it is. She then said that not everything works with Alexa. There were a lot of fails.

Forest Whitaker is about to brush his teeth and asks Alexa to play his podcast. However, Alexa is in the toothbrush, so when he puts it in his mouth, it is muffled and he can’t hear it.

Harrison Ford has a dog who keeps ordering food using Alexa built into his dog collar.

Meanwhile, two women get into a hot tub and ask Alexa to play music before it delivers an impressive Vegas-styled water show before tossing both women out.

Finally, lights are flashing on and off all over Earth and it is because astronauts on a space satellite are trying to get Alexa to restart.

It finally ends with Harrison Ford watching an Amazon truck delivering lots of food for his dog — and telling his dog they’re not on speaking terms any more.

What were your favorite 2019 Super Bowl commercials?

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