Tonya Banks slams Lila Call to ground in shocking Little Women: Couples Retreat scene

Tonya Banks with her hand in Lila Call's face on Little Women: Couples Retreat
Tonya puts her hand in Lila’s face before slamming her to the ground on Little Women: Couples Retreat

Tonya Banks slammed Lila Call to the ground after flipping her off a chair in a shocking scene on last night’s Little Women: Couples Retreat premiere.

The brawl erupted at the end of the episode while Lila Call sat on a chair at a bar, before getting embroiled in an altercation with both Tonya and Christy Gibel — who had invited her on the retreat.

Earlier in the day the couples taking part, who are hoping to strengthen their relationships at the retreat in Puerto Rico, had spent several hours doing an exercise building rafts to build the bonds between them.

But things kicked off when the Little Women ladies and their partners decided to relax for the evening at the El Conquistador Resort’s BallyHoo Bar & Grill in Fajardo.

Tonya, the organizer behind the whole retreat, invited everyone to a joint table at dinner — apart from Lila, who was already at the bar drinking despite struggling with alcoholism in the past.

Lila told her ex Brian, who was with her on the retreat, that she was sitting apart from the group because she was annoyed that Tonya hadn’t introduced herself to him.

She said she thought it was fine if Tonya snubbed her but that Brian shouldn’t be left out “by association”.

Lila then started questioning whether Tonya “owned Puerto Rico”, a comment which Tonya heard and left her fuming.

She and Christy then walked over to confront Lila but when Christy questioned why she was drinking despite being a recovering alcoholic, she hit back by saying Christy was overweight and that she was addicted to food.

When Lila started to bring Christy’s husband Todd into it, Tonya stepped in and the real argument began.

Christy told Tonya: “I can’t talk to an alcoholic when she’s drinking. She has problems.” Tonya then told Lila she needed to go to a rehab retreat — before totally flipping when Lila called her a “monkey ass”.

Tonya told her: “You are going to get f***ed up,” while Lila hit back calling her an “old ass hag”.

After more altercations between Christy and Lila, Tonya then told her: “You are one step from me snatching your ass out of that damned chair…like literally.”

Then, grabbing the chair from behind with Lila still sat on it, she pushed it forward, slamming Lila to the ground. The action left the others at the restaurant stunned, before they started rushing to her aid shouting “Lila”.

Tonya pointing a finger at Lila who is sat at the bar
Tonya points her finger at Lila as their argument kicks off at the bar
Lila looking angrily at Tonya
Lila stares back angrily as things start to escalate, with Christy looking on
Tonya pushing over Lila's chair as Lila attempts to grab her hair
Tonya then grabs Lila’s chair and topples it forward, while Lila tries to grab her to stop her fall
Lila hitting the ground, viewed from behind
Lila slams into the ground with the chair on top of her as Tonya stands beside her

TMZ reported that Lila suffered a minor head injury in the argument and needed to be taken to hospital. Exactly what happened will pan out in next week’s episode.

Little Women: Couples Retreat airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Lifetime.

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