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Tonya Banks and Christy Gibel undergo vaginal rejuvenation on Little Women: LA

Christy and Tonya's faces as they undergo vaginal rejuvenation on Little Women: LA
Christy and Tonya as they undergo the vaginal rejuvenation procedure on Little Women: LA

Little Women: LA stars Tonya Banks and Christy McGinity Gibel both underwent vaginal rejuvenation on the latest episode of the Lifetime show.

The pair had both also agreed to have liposucation, but only Tonya ended up going through with the surgery.

Tonya was the first to come up with the plan to get her sexy back by having the operation to remove fat, as well as to undergo the vaginal rejuvenation procedure.

However, not wanting to go it alone, she recruited Christy to get some work done too.

Tonya Banks from Little Women: LA
Tonya Banks talking about her surgery on Little Women: LA

Things were looking good for the pair of Lifetime stars to get their body work done together. That is, until Christy started having second thoughts about the lipo.

It’s easy to see why she might hesitate to go under the knife again, considering what happened to her during neck surgery a little over a year ago.

Christy nearly died after the operation, which resulted in her suffering a stroke. She’s still recovering and is even reported to be suing the doctors who did it. After thinking things through, she still got some work done but not everything she had originally planned.

“I want a new me, but I don’t know if the risk of going under is worth the reward!” Christy explained. “Even though I was excited about doing this, I don’t know that I can ever get over my fear of going under the knife.”

After changing her mind about the liposuction, Christy decided to continue on with the vaginal rejuvenation plans. Tonya went ahead and had both procedures done and, dare we say, she looks fabulous.

The Little Women: LA star has been sharing photos of her summer body on Instagram and she’s clearly enjoying her new figure.

What is the vaginal rejuvenation procedure?

There are different types of vaginal rejuvenation — including surgical and non-surgical. Tony and Christy decided to go for the non-surgical version.

This involves using a device that emits either radiofrequency or laser energy to tighten and remodel the vagina.

The radiofrequency method can take around 20 to 30 minutes, while the laser method takes only three to four minutes. Christy and Tonya underwent the laser procedure.

Little Women: LA airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Lifetime.

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