Tony Plana: Who is actor behind Devante on Mayans MC?

Tony Plana playing Devante on Mayans MC
Mayans MC viewers will appreciate the attention to detail in Tony Plana’s depiction of Devante — Pic credit: FX

Did you watch episode 2 “Escorpion/Dzec,” of the Mayans MC on FX last night? If you did, you got an eye and earful of the “consigliere” of the Galindo cartel, Devante, played by esteemed actor Tony Plana.

Plana long acting resume is full of plum acting roles. The esteemed Plana was trained at prominent schools to hone and perfect his craft. But just who is Cuban-American actor Tony Plana and what has he done?

Personal background

José Antonio Plana was born in Havana, Cuba and emigrated to Miami in 1960 with his family. He attended and graduated from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles and furthered his acting training at the prestigious Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London. He is married and has two children.

Mr. Plana is also a spokesperson for comprehensive immigration reform and was a speaker at the 2012 LULAC conference in Coronado Springs Convention Center in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. At that event, he noted that Latinos “are not one culture and one race.”

Recent work

Here Devante and Dita plan how to break the news to Miguel his brother Cristobal was sacrificed for the Galindo cartel
Here Devante and Dita plan how to break the news to Miguel his brother Cristóbal was sacrificed for the Galindo cartel — Pic credit: FX

Now Mr. Plana is cast in Kurt Sutter and Elgin James’ mega-hit series Mayans MC as Devante, the consigliere (advisor) of the family. He’s the one who breaks the news to Miguel Galindo about his older brother Cristóbal, who was kidnapped as a young child and subsequently killed. The murder was just to prove a point that his father Jose Galindo never bent or negotiated with traitors.

He plays Devante with a cool and measured air and is quite ruthless despite the fact he always is dressed to the nines and is polished and educated.

Do not underestimate this intellectual right-hand man to Miguel Galindo. He is also closely tied to Miguel’s mother Dita Galindo, who seems to have a complicated love/hate relationship with this character.

Philanthropy and more

Tony Plana is the executive artistic director of the East L.A. Classic Theatre, where he has shaped an innovative literacy program called Beyond Borders for academically at-risk and bilingual students.

Active in his community, Mr. Plana is on various boards including the American Red Cross, the Mariachi Heritage Foundation, the East L.A. Community Youth Center, and the Young Musicians Foundation created by Henry Mancini.

Past roles

Ignacio Suarez was Ugly Betty's papa
Ignacio Suarez was Ugly Betty’s papa — Pic credit: ABC

Undoubtedly, Mr. Plana is one of the most recognizable Latino actors of stage and screen and has directed, produced, and starred in more than 60 major films and numerous TV roles.

Of note on television, Tony Plana starred as Ignacio Suarez, the widowed father to America Ferrera’s Ugly Betty, in ABC’s hit series.

Later, NBC reunited America Ferrara and Tony in Superstore as father and daughter roles too.

He also did the voice of Manuel “Manny” Calavera in the video game Grim Fandango. He also starred in Zoot Suit and The Boys of Winter on Broadway in New York and in Richard III and Widows at the Mark Taper Forum in Los Angeles.

Mr. Plana is the recipient of two Golden Eagle awards for Outstanding Work in Film and Television, and has earned five Drama-Logue awards.

Mayans MC airs on Tuesdays at 10/9c on FX. 

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