Tony Medellin on Ink Master Season 11: Reno artist has tattooed half his life and hopes for top prize

Tony Medellin in the confessional on Season 11 of Ink Master
Tony Medellin is hoping for a Season 11 win on Ink Master. Pic credit: Paramount

Tony Medellin is part of the top three on Season 11 of Ink Master and hopes to take home the top prize after the upcoming season finale. Tony is from Reno, Nevada and is the owner of Gold English Good, the local tattoo shop.

Medellin started his tattoo career at age 16 when he dropped out of high school and started showing his own art to area tattoo artists. While he was often met with resistance by those who thought he should go back to school, eventually he was allowed to watch in the local tattoo shops and soon after, he became an apprentice.

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With 16 years in the business, literally half his life, Tony is one of the best tattoo artists on the Reno, Nevada scene and now, after taking his talent to the TV screen, his fan base just continues to grow.

Tony Medellin has one of the smallest Instagram followings, with only 25,000 people following his page. But what he lacks in followers, Tony clearly makes up in talent and he is another Ink Master contestant this season who is big on color.

Many of the tattoos displayed both on Tony’s Instagram and his own website show off his tremendous talent. He seems to have a penchant for brightly colored, new school tattoos but he can execute many other styles too.

Tony was on Team Cleen in Season 11 and while he didn’t pick up as many wins as Teej Poole or Tiffer Wright, it’s no secret that in the Ink Master finale, a solid tattoo can earn him the win anyway.

Will Tony Medellin take home the win on this season of Ink Master?

The Season 11 finale of Ink Master airs on Tuesday, December 16 at 10/9c on Paramount. 

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