Tommie Lee from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta ordered to wear alcohol monitoring device

Tommie Lee LHHATL
Will Tommie Lee from Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta really stop drinking?

For a long time now, Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta has been hinting about Tommie Lee’s drinking problem. Now, it looks like she’ll have to do something about it or she could go back to jail.

Tommie recently saw a judge again to deal with her two current court cases and was given some news that she’s probably hating right now. The LHHATL star was told to stay sober until she resolves the cases. To make sure she complies, TMZ reported that Tommie Lee was fitted with an alcohol-monitoring ankle device.

Ultimately, this no-booze ruling was a lucky one. Tommie was looking at jail time for that alleged Lenox Mall beat down. She was charged with battery with substantial harm for allegedly attacking an employee inside the mall.

Prosecutors were looking to revoke bail from another incident back in 2016, DUI, but the judge decided to go lenient if you want to call it that.

Whether or not Tommie Lee will be able to stay sober is going to be an issue. Multiple episodes of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta have showcased Tommie’s excessive drinking and she’s even been confronted about it with cameras rolling.

Just a year ago, Tommie was reportedly kicked off a flight in Atlanta because she tried to board the plane with a glass of wine. She was allegedly told to get rid of it before boarding but Tommie didn’t listen and for that, she got the boot.

It’s no secret that Tommie has a lot of legal problems too. With more than 30 mugshots, the Love & Hip Hop star has definitely had her fair share of run-ins with the law, but now she really needs to get her act together or there could be some serious consequences.

If Tommie can’t cut out alcohol, she’ll end right back in jail. That wouldn’t be good for her or for the show.

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