Tommie and Tiarra’s ‘no-panties’ fight on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta reunion tonight

Tommie on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta
Tommie has been one of the headline-grabbing stories of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta

Tonight on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, it’s Part 2 of the “exposed and unfiltered” Season 5 reunion, as we get to the nitty gritty of Tommie and Tiarra’s love triangle with Scrapp DeLeon — including that fight.

The pair have had it out over and over again during Season 5 of the hit VH-1 show, and tonight both girls and other members of the cast give their take on their feud.

Watch the preview clip below which includes a replay of the claws-out no-knickers-on (at least for one of them) cat fight the pair had earlier in the season.

Asked why it ended up becoming a physical and not just a verbal argument, Tommie says: “She started talking really crazy. She said some things about some STD, and that I sent Scrapp to the clinic.

“That never happened, so I stood up and said to her, ‘let me tell you about me, because now you’re pissing me off, and I’m going to get in your face, I’m going to look you in your face and tell you this, bitch’. But I didn’t touch her. But when she threw the drink, it’s on.”

Tommie and Tiarra's fight on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta
Tommie and Tiarra’s fight earlier in the season on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta

Tiarra, asked if she regretted that it got physical, adds: “Um…no! With her, I think that any time you’ve just got to be ready to get physical because I think she’s just one of them ignorant bitches.”

Asked if she was taken aback that Tommie wasn’t wearing any panties, Jessica Dime says: “I mean, where did this bitch come from, the gutter? She was like a street-walking prostitute. It was wretchedness at its finest.”

Other cast and crew also give their take on Tommie’s unpredictability and ability to consistently surprise with her mood swings.

Executive producer Stephanie Gayle says: “She would definitely go from 0 to 100…and back. On any given moment.”

Kirk Frost adds: “She looks a little dangerous. Like you might wake up and she might be standing over your ass with a knife.”

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Exposed and Unfiltered: Part 2 preview

The second part of the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reunion special airs tonight at 8/7c on VH-1.

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