Toddlers & Tiaras: The crazy world of child beauty pageants is back

The pageant preparations begin as Toddlers & Tiaras Season 7 kicks off
The pageant preparations begin as Toddlers & Tiaras Season 7 kicks off

Finally, the wait is over — Toddlers & Tiaras returns to TLC tonight with Season 7!

In tonight’s premiere episode, two camps of child beauty pageant contestants — Cambrie’s Court and the Sassy Supremes — get ready for a clash.

Cambrie’s Court is run by Cambrie Littlefield, one of the best coaches in the business, while the Sassy Supremes is the baby of Jaimie Otterson.

Each are at the top of their game as they prepare girls for pageants that mean everything for them — and their mums.

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This season the girls are preparing for the Ultimate Mega Grand Supreme — the creme de la creme of child beauty pageants — is no easy task.

Check out the footage below as Cambrie explains how it takes its toll.

She says: “Pageant day is so stressful because you have so many things to think about. You have to run every kid’s routine, you have to make sure all of them are on time to hair and make-up, you have to make sure the moms are working with you and not against you…luckily, I have an awesome team to help me.”

Also, watch footage below as Cambrie recruits NFL player Brandon Ghee to help her youngsters get in shape ahead of their big days, or as she puts it…”lose all the chub chubs”.

Also watch as beauty pageant contender Selyse and her mom Kim have a bit of a run-in with coach Jaimie over her lack of practice.

A countdown to the new season of Toddlers & Tiaras airs at 8/7c on TLC, looking at 200 different child beauty pageant contestants from over 80 different competitions.

The main event starts at 9/8c.

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