Today fans think Hoda Kotb should date this famous actor

Hoda Kotb at an event
Hoda Kotb has fans that would love to see her match up with Kevin Costner. Pic credit: ©

Recently, Hoda Kotb stepped away from Today with Hoda and Jenna to appear on another popular late-night show.

Savannah Guthrie joined Hoda on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen (WWHL), a popular show on which celebrities love to appear.

During the show, Andy Cohen showed a clip of fans asking about Hoda and a particular celebrity she interviewed on Today.

Hoda is single after an 8-year-long relationship with Joel Schiffman, with whom she still co-parents her two daughters, Hope and Haley.

Hoda revealed that she is dating again, as Monsters and Critics has reported, although she admits to some struggles with the whole ordeal.

Fans noticed that she had some chemistry with Kevin Costner during a recent interview and are “shipping” them together as a couple.

Fans react to the idea of Hoda and Kevin Costner as a couple

Miriam Webster defines shipping as “Creating a romantic pairing between two people or characters who are not otherwise romantically linked.”

In the above clip, Andy shares a video of a fan who asked, “How do you feel about viewers shipping you and Kevin Costner after he appeared on Today last month, and have you connected since?”

Fans loved the idea and shared their feelings about the couple, with one fan saying, “Hoda and Keven [sic] do make a cute couple,” even asking her to pursue him.

Another fan shared, “Go for it,” and said, “If you don’t do it,” she’d take him. Then a fan urged Hoda to “Go for your desires/dreams, Hoda! Go, go, go! I support you.”

Fans think Hoda Kotb and Kevin Costner would make a great couple
Fans would love to see Hoda Kotb and Kevin Costner as a couple. Pic credit: @TodaywithHoda&Jenna/YouTube

Hoda revealed that she didn’t know fans thought this way when her co-host Jenna Bush Hager asked her about it the next day.

Hoda said the whole thing was “unbelievable” and that she thought Kevin was great and a “normal” person according to things his entourage revealed to her when he was interviewed on the show.

Andy Cohen has a good time gossiping with Hoda and Savannah Guthrie

Andy Cohen had Hoda and Savannah on Watch What Happens Live, and during the After Show, the trio chatted about upcoming events and juicy gossip.

Andy spoke to the ladies about NBC’s upcoming coverage of the Olympics in Paris, which will start on July 26, 2024. Both Hoda and Savannah will be there on location.

The last time the summer Olympics took place, the coronavirus was in full swing, so this time, the ladies plan to have nothing but fun during their trip.

Hoda also revealed that Celine Dion almost spilled the beans during a recent interview about a top-secret concert coming up. Perhaps it will be at the Paris Olympics later this month.

Today’s Hoda & Jenna airs on weekdays on NBC.

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