My 600-lb Life star Lisa Fleming is dead at 50 — TLC issues a statement

Lisa Fleming during a visit from Dr. Now on 600-lb Life
Lisa Fleming has passed away

TLC’s hit series My 600-lb Life has lost another cast member this August. Lisa Fleming, who weighed in at 704-lb. at her heaviest, has died. She was only 50-years-old.

It was reported by TMZ that Ms. Fleming, who was featured on TLC’s My 600-Lb. Life back in February died from causes other than her weight-related issues.

Danielle Fleming told TMZ her mother had lost 200 lbs. on the show after weight loss surgery, and was able to stand on her own for the first time in years.

Lisa Fleming as a child and after gaining weight
Lisa Fleming started out a normal weight but ballooned to over 700 pounds

Ms. Fleming apparently had other health issues that daughter Danielle said were directly related to her death.

“At the end she was sick and her body was tired and her body just gave out,” Danielle said to TMZ.

Bedridden and immobile for years, Ms. Fleming was consigned to a life spent in a bed where her own mother had passed away.

The most viral video from TLC showed the first responders working to get her out of the house, as she had made a decision to get help after maggots were making a home in the folds of her ulcerated skin inside lesions.

To get to Dr. Nowzaradan in Houston for consideration of weight loss surgery, it took seven paramedics to hoise Ms. Fleming out of the bed and her home into a waiting ambulance. before she let them take her, Ms. Fleming requested (and got) a large bowl of Fruit Loops cereal.

While in the care of Dr. Now, she had food hidden in her bed, frustrating Dr. Now in the famous confrontation clip:

“The paramedics have to reinforce the ramp they’ll use to get me out of the house,” she said in Feb. 22 episode. “I can’t believe it’s come to this. But at least I’m doing something about it before it gets to be too late.”

After learning of Lisa’s untimely death, TLC paid tribute to the 600-Lb Life star, writing, “TLC is saddened to hear that Lisa Fleming, who appeared on My 600-lb Life, passed away on August 23, 2018. In February, viewers followed Lisa’s story to overcome childhood struggles and family tragedy during her weight-loss journey with Dr. Now.”

In early August, James “L.B.” Bronner, who lost over 200 pounds on the show also died. He was 31.

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