Titus Makin Jr. on FBI cast: Who is Agent Perkins?

Titus Makin Jr. moved from The Rookie cast to the FBI cast
Titus Makin Jr. moved from The Rookie cast to FBI. Pic credit: ABC/YouTube

Actor Titus Makin Jr. joined the FBI cast for the latest episode of the show as Agent Perkins.

At the beginning of the episode, titled What Lies Beneath, OA (played by Zeeko Zaki) was tasked with serving on a protection detail for a diplomat. This created a situation where Special Agent in Charge Dana Mosier (Sela Ward) had to give Maggie (Missy Peregrym) someone to work with.

Agent Perkins, who immediately lets Maggie know that he has an accounting background, joins her as they head out to begin an investigation. It’s an interesting dynamic that these new partners have.

The crux of the episode involves trying to protect a controversial senior leader from Egypt as he comes to New York for a heart transplant. Can the team, with the help of highly intelligent Agent Perkins, keep him safe?

Titus Makin Jr. as Agent Perkins on FBI cast

Actor Titus Makin Jr. has been acting since about 2009 and has recently become much more recognizable to TV fans. He played Jackson West on The Rookie, Caleb Matthews on The Path, and David on Glee.

Makin has also taken on smaller roles and guest-star appearances for shows like NCIS, Castle, Grey’s Anatomy, Pretty Little Liars, and NCIS: New Orleans. His IMDb page is really starting to fill up with acting credits for his most recent roles.

Agent Perkins does help the team save the day in the episode, while also providing a different character for viewers to enjoy. Titus Makin Jr. did really well in his guest-starring role and worked well with actress Missy Peregrym.

If the producers of the show decided to make Agent Perkins a regular member of the FBI cast, it certainly wouldn’t be a bad thing.

FBI airs Tuesday nights at 9/8c on CBS.

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