Tiny at 20: Primordial dwarf Hannah Kritzeck heads into adulthood on TLC

Hannah, Kelly and Bethany Kritzeck at Virginia Beach.
Hannah, Kelly and Bethany Kritzeck at Virginia Beach in a new picture for TLC’s Tiny at 20

Tonight on TLC, don’t miss Tiny at 20 — as we meet 3ft 3ins primordial dwarf Hannah Kritzeck as she heads into her twenties.

We were first introduced to Hannah years ago when she was a child, and her quest to find a partner as a teenager was later profiled in TLC’s Little and Looking for Love.

Now we’re getting the latest on her incredible story in Tiny at 20 as she heads into adulthood and pursues a career as an actress.

Hannah Kritzeck tries on some new specially-made clothes
Hannah Kritzeck tries on some new specially-made clothes
Hannah and brothers Matt and Mark Kritzeck walk the dogs together.
Hannah and her brothers Matt and Mark walking the dogs
Hannah Kritzeck sits on her bed.
Hannah is trying to make it with a career in entertainment

New pictures of Hannah, above and below, show her how she now looks as she attempts to become more independent and make a name of herself in the world of entertainment.

Born with primordial dwarfism, she is one of the world’s smallest women and measures just 39ins tall.

She has already featured in several roles both on stage and on screen, including a long-running role in a touring adaptation of Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House, called Mabou Mines DollHouse.

She also had roles in 2011 horror flick The Hagstone Demon, and 2007 short film The Beauty King.

Tonight’s Tiny at 20 airs at 10/9 c on TLC, with her previous show Little and Looking for Love screening both before and after.

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