Timeless series finale will tie up loose ends, give fans closure

Abigail Spencer on Season 1 of Timeless
Abigail Spencer on Season 1 of Timeless. Image via: NBC

The Timeless movie is finally coming to NBC. The two-part movie will serve as a Timeless series finale, giving fans of the show some much-needed closure.

It was previously reported on Monsters and Critics that NBC had canceled Timeless. Almost immediately, rumors started up that the network might try to put together a movie to end the series properly. The news about those rumors has been confirmed on July 31.

A report by USA Today provided some exclusive comments from the Timeless cast, which is understandably excited about all the news.

When NBC canceled Timeless, the show ended on a number of cliffhangers, including the death of a major character. Now, the cast and writers can wrap things up for the die-hard fans of the program.

Executive producer Shawn Ryan spoke at length about how the show ended and what it took to actually get a film off the ground. He also credited the fan support and Save Our Shows for being the main reasons that he was able to work on a Timeless movie.

“Obviously, we were disappointed when the show wasn’t picked up. And then there were simultaneous conversations happening with NBC about a two-hour movie, and with other places about could there be a Season 3 somewhere else.”

So when will the Timeless movie air on television? The plan is to begin filming in mid-October and have the series finale ready to air around Christmas.

This means, that by the end of the year, Timeless fans should finally get some closure from their favorite time-traveling characters.

Stars Abigail Spencer, Malcolm Barrett, and Matt Lanter are all signed on to take part in the Timeless movie. Who knows, if the film ends up drawing in a lot of viewers and ends up being successful, maybe another network will show interest in gaining the rights for Timeless Season 3.

Timeless is a time-traveling drama that aired for two seasons on NBC.


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