Timeless canceled by NBC: Movie rumors start up on social media

Timeless Season 2 Image
Goran Višnjić as Garcia Flynn on Timeless, which has been canceled. Image via: NBC

Timeless, canceled by NBC, might just get a movie to wrap up the series. The bad news for fans just came out on June 22, making this the second time that the network has canceled the series.

NBC had canceled Timeless following Season 1 but ended up bringing the series back for another attempt at finding viewers. The show struggled to find a footing, though, leading to the second cancellation. Fans helped to save the series the first time around and they might be necessary again.

Deadline Hollywood has a bit of interesting news to reveal, as seen in the Twitter post below. It has been stated that there are efforts in place to provide a movie to serve as a series finale for the program.

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In the report by Deadline, it is stated that NBC and Sony Pictures TV, which produces Timeless, have been in discussions to create a two-hour movie. Fans who watched the Season 2 finale already saw that the show was left on a huge cliffhanger. A Timeless movie would allow the writers to clear things up and provide a proper send-off for the show.

Timeless spoilers

Let this serve as a bit of a spoiler alert. At the end of the second season, Rufus (Malcolm Barrett) died, forcing Lucy (Abigail Spencer) and Wyatt (Matt Lanter) to return home without him. Providing a twist at the end of the last episode for Season 2, future versions of Lucy and Wyatt show up on a new looking Lifeboat. They come out of it and ask the question, “You guys want to get Rufus back or what?”

The ending of the second season could easily work in a movie presentation, but it’s easier for those statements to be made than for the production to actually get completed.

Bad news about Timeless movie

At this time, NBC and Sony Pictures TV have not been able to work out the details on a movie. The conversations are reportedly still taking place, but time is running out to get things done.

The contract options that the cast members have in place have to get picked up by June 30, or they expire and everyone involved can move on to other projects.

Timeless is an NBC show that has been canceled but could return as a movie.

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