Tim Mischel is back, problems for Jeremy and a shortcut could bring tourists on Edge of Alaska

Tim Mischel
Tim Mischel is back in McCarthy, he loves the freedom but he knows the land can tear you apart

On Edge of Alaska this week – Tim is back and the Nizina River poses problems for Jeremy’s dreams.

Jeremy is once again at the mercy of the Nizina River at it affects his chances of getting a farm going.

Also on this episode a new shortcut to McCarthy could give it a better chance of being a tourist destination for the many rather than the few.

Tim Mischel is also back in McCarthy. He’s been a resident for over 40 years and knows the mountain like the back of his hand.

For many locals and newcomers he’s been the go to for advice for years, but now he probably needs a little bit of help himself.

Catch Edge of Alaska – The Old Man on the Mountain at 10:02 PM on Discovery Channel.

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