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Tiger Woods chased by wife with golf club as documentary ‘recreates’ Rachel Uchitel affair events

An actress playing Elin Nordegren holds a golf club above 'Tiger Woods' as he lies on the couch
A ‘recreated’ scene on Scandal Made Me Famous shows Elin wielding a golf club over Tiger

Tiger Woods’ affair with Rachel Uchitel is profiled on ReelzChannel’s Scandal Made Me Famous tonight — including a purported recreation of a scene where his wife allegedly chased him out the house with a golf club.

Reports about the golfer’s fling with nightclub manager Uchitel first emerged in a National Inquirer story in November 2009, days before he left his home at 2.30am in his SUV and collided with a tree.

Reports later claimed Woods suffered facial injuries after being attacked by Nordegren as she chased him out of their home with a golf club. She later said the claims were “truly ridiculous”.

But footage from ReelzChannel’s Scandal Made Me Famous shows actors playing Woods and Nordegren, with one scene depicting her holding a golf club over him as he lies on a couch — before slamming it down.

She is then shown chasing him out of the house with the club.

The documentary also includes an interview with Uchitel talking about her past. At one point she says: “I’m just a girl who fell in love a couple of times.”

Rachel Uchitel on Scandal Made Me Famous
Rachel Uchitel speaks to the camera on the Scandal Made Me Famous episode

It also includes interviews with People magazine’s senior crime reporter Steve Helling, who recounts time that the pair allegedly spent together while Woods was taking part in the Australian Masters in Melbourne.

‘Recreation’ scenes played by actors show him and Uchitel hooking up in a hotel. Helling says of Woods: “He had the golf box, he had the business box, he had the family and wife box, and then he had the adultery box.”

Scandal Made Me Famous: Tiger Woods and Rachel Uchitel airs tonight at 9/8c on REELZChannel.