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Tiffany ‘New York’ Pollard wants to have sex with a cop on Famously Single

Tiffany Pollard talking to the camera on Famously Single
Tiffany takes the cake yet again for most outrageous remarks on tonight’s Famously Single

On tonight’s Famously Single, the group of famous singleton contestants are tasked with a new challenge — bring strangers to their home in a party bus to see what will unfold.

Most eager to try this is Tiffany “New York” Pollard, who last week brazenly hooked up with British hunk David McIntosh on the premiere.

Now they all get to invite strangers to their loft. Dr. Darcy Sterling says to the assembled cast: “You see that bus over there? Your job tonight is to fill this bus with people!”

Dorothy Wang is disgusted by the notion of having a mixer in her living space with strangers.

Visibly turned off to the idea, she says: “Call me crazy but I do not think the man of my dreams is kind of just walking around here on a Friday night.”

Dorothy reacts with a grimace on Famously Single
Dorothy Wang is not keen on entertaining any strangers tonight

However, David McIntosh is elated and says: “You can’t ask for a better treat, I’m in my total element.”

When our very not shy girl Tiffany spots a police car as the group are being told about the exercise, she asks Darcy: “I ask just one question? I’ve always wanted to f*** a cop…is that off limits?”

Dr Darcy says: “No!”

Tiffany says in a separate interview: “I’m so excited…this is the perfect activity for me.

“I’m the one that can weed out good d*** and I hope there’s some good d*** along the way ‘cuz I know what to do with it!”

Famously Single airs Sunday at 10/9c on E!