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Tiffany Barker from My 600-lb Life now: Update on what she looks like today

Tiffany Barker before and after
Tiffany in a still capture from her episode and an Instagram post after Pic credit: TLC/Tiffany Barker/Instagram

A stunning transformation has taken place for Tiffany Barker, who was featured on My 600-lb Life on Wednesday.

The exclusive clip given to Monsters and Critics showed Tiffany being verbally abused by a really mean woman in the parking lot of the grocery store she was shopping at for simply not walking fast enough.

The woman began her encounter with Tiffany by honking at her several times, and clearly, there was room for her to drive around Tiffany.

Tiffany expressed that these sort of rude encounters happened all the time to her and that she was very upset and in a great deal of pain, saying her hips were hurting terribly.

This happened while she had been shopping for food with her boyfriend Aaron, instead opting to sit in the car as the store had no handicap carts that she could use to drive the aisles.

After the encounter with the rude older woman, Tiffany said: “Stuff like that happens all the time. When I go out people either stare and point at me or they make comments about how I’m in the way. People are really brutal and judgmental when you’re my size and they don’t understand how hard it is for someone like me to do this and get around. I tried to ignore it but you never really get used to it.”

Food is her stress relief

In the heartbreaking episode, we learned that Tiffany Barker, never really had a childhood and was forced to cook for her family and be her obese father’s caregiver at a young age.

Tiffany suffered from a deep depression and her bad self-esteem issues and really did not allow her to love herself. As a result of this scarring and early trauma, she put a brave face on her pain and presented herself as put together and not struggling, masking the hurt she felt inside.

But her boyfriend throughout this journey, Aaron, gave her a sense of confidence as she felt that he accepted her. Also her cousin Jasmine Philpott is giving her a great deal of support.

Jasmine is a stunner and she and Tiffany are very close, as Tiffany is raising money for Jasmine in a GoFundMe page.


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Living life @philpottjasmine

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In the episode, we learn that Tiffany just wants a normal life and her health restored, and more than anything she wants a family of her own.

But with Aaron? He was having second thoughts about sticking with her. But that seems to have smoothed over as her Facebook page shows she is still in a relationship with him.

The turnaround

Update pics showing what Tiffany Barker from My 600-lb Life looked like before and what she looks like now
A snip from our clip of Tiffany before, and on the right a snap from her Instagram showing changes. Pic credit: TLC/Tiffany Barker/Instagram

Tiffany is making waves and changing her body with a healthier Keto diet while she posts pictures of on herself Instagram and Facebook.

When she arrived in Houston, Tiffany was clocking in at 600-lbs, as Dr. Now counseled her and said that she would have to lose a significant amount of weight before she could even think of having children.

Now Tiffany appears to be on the right side of the scale and losing weight as her social media shows she is happy and posting fun pictures of herself.

The beauty has a good boyfriend and looks to be committed to keeping on the Dr. Now-prescribed weight loss path so she can realize her dreams of having her own family.

We are pulling for you Tiffany!

My 600-lb Life airs Wednesdays on TLC.

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