This Is Us season finale recap: Big questions when show returns for Season 4

This Is Us
This Is Us aired its season finale last night, setting up some big plot lines for a potential Season 4. Pic credit: NBC

This Is Us wrapped last night — with the finale setting up some big questions to explore in a potential Season 4. The episode tackled some major mysteries, including that of “her”, after whom it was titled.

It revealed that “her” in the flash-forward sequence was Rebecca, played by Mandy Moore, who had previously been involved in a car accident that left her near death. But with that answer came another question. Who is the man sitting next to her?

The season finale also revealed that Rebecca may be suffering from dementia in the future, as Kevin, played by Justin Hartley, goes to visit her in the hospital but he has to remind her of who he is.

Kevin tries to talk about kids with Zoe, played by Melanie Liburd, but she keeps insisting that she never wants kids. In another flash-forward, Kevin has a son.

Interestingly, Beth and Randall, played by Susan Kelechi Watson and Sterling K. Brown respectively, are also doing much better in the future despite their marital troubles. However, it’s clear by the season finale that they aren’t on the same page, as he’s thinking about his role with the city council and Beth is thinking about starting a dance studio — in Philadelphia.

Kate, played by Chrissy Metz, continues to struggle with baby Jack, as he learns to breathe on his own. Interestingly, in the future, Kate didn’t show up but we do see Toby, played by Chris Sullivan, and their son Jack.

Of course, the flash-forward scenes add plenty of questions, and fans are excited to see where Season 4 will take the family.

When will This Is Us return for Season 4?

Season 4 of This Is Us is expected to return in mid-September, but NBC has yet to reveal a premiere date.

Previously, the show has premiered around September 20, so it seems likely NBC will stick to that schedule going forward.

This Is Us is expected to return in September with Season 4.

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