This Is Us Season 4 trailer: new cast members bring new questions

This Is Us Season 4 trailer is full of new faces and new questions.
There are several new additions to This Is Us cast in Season 4. Pic Credit: NBC

This Is Us’ Season 4 trailer has dropped. The clip introduces fans to several new faces that raise a lot of questions regarding new characters who will interact with the Pearson family.

A special moment between Rebecca and Jack is the basis for the whole trailer. She reflects on how one stranger can dramatically impact a person’s life.

New Faces Join The Cast

Cue clips of new characters, none of whom directly interact with anyone from the Pearson family in the footage.

Jennifer Morrison (Once Upon a Time) is decked out in military gear. She gets a warm embrace from Revenge hunk, Nick Wechsler, whose casting was a pleasant surprise.

Their interaction does not appear to be part of Jack’s Vietnam story. Then again, show creator Dan Fogelman has a way of taking what fans think they know and turning it upside down.

Along with Morrison, the NBC drama is going to introduce several new characters in the upcoming season.

Omar Epps (House), Asante Blackk and Marsha Stephanie Blake (When They See Us), Timothy Omundson (Psych), Bahara Golestani (Animal Kingdom), Julian Silva (Queen of The South), and Auden Thornton (Bull) appeare in the trailer.

Director M. Night Shyamalan rounds out the new cast additions.

How they fit into the show is entirely up in the air. There is no indication at all how these new faces will connect to the Pearson family. Fans are left wondering what in the world is going to happen in the new season.

Plus, The Big 3 appear in the past as preschoolers, adding another addition of actors playing Kate, Kevin and Randall.

Old Faces Return

Some old familiar fan-favorite faces are also back for the new season of the NBC show. Ron Cephas Jones is back as William. He, like Jack, may be gone in the present day but there is still plenty of stories to tell regarding Randall’s bio dad from the past.

Michael Angarano, who plays younger Nicky, is briefly seen in the trailer, along with Griffin Dunne, who plays older Nicky. The show has barely scratched the surface of Jack’s brother’s story. Fans were left wondering how estranged Nicky came together with the Pearson family at the end of Season 3.

Elizabeth Perkins returns as Rebecca’s mother, Janet Malone. The last time fans saw her was in Season 2 when Rebecca called her mother a racist after the way Janet treated Randall.

In the trailer, it appears that Jack is meeting Rebecca’s parents for the first time, which means her father will finally show up. Could he be played by one of the new cast members motioned above?

Phylicia Rashad is reprising her role as Beth’s mom, Carol “Mama C” Clarke. Tim Jo is sticking around as Jae-Won to help Randall navigate the waters during his first term as councilman.

The tagline for the This Is Us Season 4 teaser is “If you think you know what’s coming next, you don’t know us.” It is fitting considering the number of questions that have come from the clip.

Fans should not expect to have any questions answered in the Season 4 premiere. Fogleman has already said the first two episodes have the potential to be “polarizing,” which means fans should buckle up because it might be a bumpy ride.

What are your thoughts on the trailer?

This Is Us airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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