This fireman’s axe from new series Mad Dog Made is the ultimate rescuing tool

On the second episode of new Discovery series Mad Dog Made tonight, elite weapons maker Kevin ‘Mad Dog’ McClung and his daughter Morgan create the ultimate firefighting axe.

The pair are tasked with building the tool by a veteran firefighter, who wants something that can survive both flames and a serious beating.

As Kevin says: “It’s got to be lighter, tougher, stronger and better than anything he’s ever had.”

In Monsters and Critics’ exclusive sneak peek, the father and daughter team of Kevin and Morgan are shown going through the processes of building the axe handle and blade.

Morgan also reveals what it’s like working under her dad, who has extensive paramilitary expertise.

Morgan on Mad Dog Made
Morgan talks about what it’s like working with her dad on Mad Dog Made

She says: “Working under my dad can sometimes be stressful. He has very, very short patience. If he’s told you how to do something, do it like that the first time.

“He’s not a gentle teacher, but he’s a really frickin’ good teacher.”

Over the course of the season, Mad Dog and Morgan along with blacksmithing, carpentry and aerospace mechanics expert Jacob Sanchez create a series of state-of-the-art handheld tools for everyone from first responders to U.S. Special Forces.

Other creations they build include a multi-tool for use by an astronaut and an apparatus to help bush pilots protect themselves against predators in case they crash in the wilderness.

Mad Dog Made airs Fridays at 10/9c on Discovery.

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