This cat ‘from Heaven’ comforts hero firemen and has his own ‘fire station’ house on My Cat From Hell

Flame the cat in mini fire station
Flame in his mini ‘fire station’ home inside the real station, as seen on My Cat From Hell

Firemen are among the toughest men around — but even they need comforting every now and again, and that’s where Flame the cat comes in.

The beautiful ginger moggie was adopted by the firemen at a station and now comforts them after a hard day battling blazes.

Flame, a former stray who just turned up one day and never left, also brings out the softer side in the hardy heroes as they pet him while he hangs around their station.

They love him so much that they even built him his own little “fire station” house to relax in, complete with a pole!

The basket they’ve specially made him also looks like a fire.

Flame and firefighter Jordan
Flame shows firefighter Jordan some love at the fire station
Pole inside the fire station cat box
The pole inside Flame’s mini fire station, just like a real one
Flame in his fire-like basket
Flame in his fire-like basket which he loves to sit in

The firefighters also revealed that while most cats will run a mile from the noise of a vacuum cleaners — Flame doesn’t even bat an eyelid at all the various alarms going off and the trucks going in and out the station.

While My Cat From Hell usually looks at cats that owners find hard to look after, Flame is at the other end of the spectrum.

Host Jackson Galaxy says: “You know, one of the things that makes Flame, for me, a cat from Heaven, is to see a bunch of guys gathered around a cat and just having them melt — and a bunch of tough-guys at that.

“We don’t have enough cat guys out there flying that flag and saying ‘come on, man, cat’s are for men too.”

My Cat From Hell airs Saturdays at 8/7c on Animal Planet.

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