The Witcher: Blood Origin: New trailer shows how Jaskier will tell the story of the Conjunction of the Spheres

Joey Batey stars as Jaskier, as seen in Episode 4 of Netflix's The Witcher Season 2
Joey Batey stars as Jaskier, as seen in Episode 4 of The Witcher Season 2. Pic credit: Netflix/Susie Allnut

Now that December is here, fans of The Witcher are usually counting down the days to the new season.

Unfortunately, this is not going to happen this year, with the series returning in the summer of 2023.

But, to fill the gap, we will get an entirely new series set within the same universe called The Witcher: Blood Origin, which will premiere on Netflix on December 25.

Already, viewers have gotten some snippets of information about this four-part series, so we know it will delve into the mysterious event known as the Conjuncture of the Spheres.

This event was heavily hinted at in Season 2 of The Witcher, so plenty is known about it from the current day’s viewpoint.

However, the new limited-run series will explore it as it actually happened — or as it is retold by an elf to Jaskier (Joey Batey).

Laurence O’Fuarain stars as Fjall in Netflix's The Witcher: Blood Origin
Laurence O’Fuarain stars as Fjall in The Witcher: Blood Origin. Pic credit: Netflix/Susie Allnut

Jaskier is tasked with retelling the story in new trailer

It has been known for some time now that Jaskier will feature in The Witcher: Blood Origin, which is strange because this story is set to take place some 1200 years prior to the events currently unfolding in The Witcher.

And, considering Jaskier is a human, it makes no sense that he would be alive that long ago.

Luckily, the new trailer confirms what many had suspected — Jaskier is retelling the story.

What else we find out from the newly released trailer is that an elf has contacted him and wants him to “bring the story back to life.”

As yet, it is unclear exactly what is meant by this, but through the clip, the events leading up to the Conjuncture of the Spheres are explored in great detail.

Plenty of characters are introduced, some of which have already been seen in promo stills and clips already, some of which are entirely new.

Sophia Brown stars as Eile in Netflix's The Witcher: Blood Origin
Sophia Brown stars as Eile in The Witcher: Blood Origin. Pic credit: Netflix/Lilja Jonsdottir

Will The Witcher: Blood Origin affect Season 3 of The Witcher?

As shown at the end of the clip, Jaskier is confronted by an elf, and he looks to be in quite the state as he is dirty from head to toe.

He then questioned the elf — who is called Seanchaí and portrayed by Minnie Driver, according to Entertainment Weekly — whether she has the right person for the job.

There is some indication, especially by the elf asking him to essentially bring life back into this old story, that it might somehow affect the upcoming Season 3 storyline.

As yet, there is no official word on this, but the series showrunner, Declan De Barra, did reveal to EW that Jaskier ended up having a bigger role to play in The Witcher: Blood Origin than first anticipated.

“When we got the chance to do some pickup shots, we were like, ‘Let’s make it even beefier and more poignant,'” De Barra said. “And we did. I’m just very happy.”

So, it looks like viewers will just have to tune into the new series on Christmas Day in order to find out how all of this unfolds.

The Witcher: Blood Origin will be available to stream on Netflix from December 25, 2022.

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