The Walking Dead: Watch the opening minutes of Season 11B

Lynn Collins stars as Leah in Season 11 of AMC's The Walking Dead
Lynn Collins stars as Leah in Season 11 of The Walking Dead. Pic credit: AMC/Josh Stringer

Episode 9 of The Walking Dead Season 11 is set to drop on February 20, unless you have AMC+ and have watched it already. But, for those who don’t, AMC has shared the first few minutes of the hit zombie apocalypse series for all to enjoy.

The end of Episode 8 of The Walking Dead, which was the midseason finale of the first part of Season 11, saw various cliffhangers. Not only was Carol’s (Melissa McBride) group out in the middle of a dangerous storm but Judith (Cailey Fleming) and Gracie (Anabelle Holloway) were stuck in a quickly flooding basement.

Finally, an attack was underway by Leah (Lynn Collins), who is the new leader of the Reapers after she killed Pope (Ritchie Coster).

Episode 9 opens in this same place as the dramatic hwacha, or ancient medieval Korean weapon that shoots out deadly fireworks, wreaks havoc on the surrounding area.

New clip reveals opening moments of Season 11B

The latest clip for Season 11B of The Walking Dead, which played during the Super Bowl, opened with a countdown and then launched straight into the action.

Leah looks on as the hwacha blasts out fireworks in the background and a walker explodes thanks to the impact.

Then Maggie is seen running and hiding in order to avoid being killed. However, the enemy is also there with her and a battle ensues as the pair fight over who gets to stay and who has to risk the deadly fireworks.

It is a close call and it looks like Maggie will succumb at first but she fights back and is the victor. Then, when her foe dies in the same manner as the earlier walker, she takes off to find a safer place to shelter.

Lauren Cohan stars as Maggie Rhee in Season 11B of AMC's The Walking Dead
Lauren Cohan stars as Maggie Rhee in Season 11B of The Walking Dead. Pic credit: AMC/Josh Stringer

Maggie meets up with other survivors

Rushing inside a building, Maggie is being followed but manages to evade capture after running up a flight of stairs and quietly letting herself into a room.

There, she meets up with Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and Elijah (Okea Eme-Akwari), who has been injured. They don’t have a tail on them as Maggie does so they all rush off to hide.

Luckily, there is a secret room behind the infirmary and they hang out there as the Reaper following Maggie finally catches up with them. Using a small peephole, Maggie keeps an eye on the situation as the trio stays quiet in order to evade detection.

As to what happens next remains to be seen and viewers will have to tune in on Sunday night in order to find out more.

Season 11 of The Walking Dead will return on February 20, 2022.

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