The Walking Dead movies: Andrew Lincoln to star in three Rick Grimes films

Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes on The Walking Dead
Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes on The Walking Dead. Pic credit: AMC

Huge news for fans of The Walking Dead — Andrew Lincoln is set to star in three Rick Grimes movies on AMC.

During the November 4 episode of the show, his character didn’t die after all.

Instead, he was taken away on the helicopter by Jadis (Anne). The ending of the episode may have come as a huge surprise to viewers, but the news that was revealed on the latest episode of Talking Dead was groundbreaking.

Andrew Lincoln, who has played the character of Rick Grimes through nine seasons of The Walking Dead, has agreed to move his character over to the movies.

There had been recent TWD rumors about the last episodes of Rick Grimes where it was revealed that the character wouldn’t wind up dead. This opened the door for some very interesting possibilities.

Best The Walking Dead spoilers yet?

There were obviously plans for Rick Grimes movies in place for quite a while, but somehow people were able to keep it all a complete secret.

As Andrew Lincoln explained it on Talking Dead, there had been plans to kill off his character in the Season 8 finale. Instead, they brought him back, giving him five more episodes to close up some loose ends with the character.

For viewers that watched the November 4 episode of The Walking Dead, it ended with a revelation that another time jump had taken place. It is within this time jump that the three Rick Grimes movies will settle.

A report by the Hollywood Reporter gives even more information on the news, stating that there are plans to bring back other characters from the show. This could be a very interesting scenario for the franchise.

Why is Andrew Lincoln returning for The Walking Dead movies?

When the news started coming out that Andrew Lincoln was leaving The Walking Dead, it had a lot of fans asking why he had made that decision.

As noted in a previous report on the situation, Lincoln has two young children and he has to film the show in a completely different country from where they live. He felt that the nine-month filming schedule was much too difficult to continue.

It looks like it will only take about two months to film each upcoming Walking Dead movie, meaning Lincoln won’t have to be away from his family for very long.

That will keep Rick Grimes as a central character to the overall story arcs, even if he won’t appear on the AMC episodes each Sunday night.

The news of the Rick Grimes movies allows for plenty of The Walking Dead spoilers, including explicit plot points from the movies, to drop soon. Stay tuned!

The Walking Dead airs on Sunday nights at 9/8c on AMC.

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