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The Walking Dead spoilers: Season 10, Episode 4 character death

TWD S10 E4
The Walking Dead cast during Season 10, Episode 4. Pic credit: Gene Page/AMC

The Walking Dead spoilers for Season 10, Episode 4 begin with the acknowledgment that a character is going to die during the episode titled Silence the Whisperers.

During the episode called Lines We Cross, which served as the Season 10 premiere for the show, the character of Margo first appeared. She had a bigger role in the last episode, which was called Ghosts.

After Gamma came to Hilltop and asked, on behalf of Alpha, that people come to meet at the border, Margo had a few key lines of dialogue that really introduced her character to AMC viewers. She knew the Highwaymen who died and had their heads placed on stakes during Season 9.

My friends died trying to save yours and ended up with their heads on spikes. The Highwaymen want justice! So all I want to hear from you is that you’re gonna take a dozen of us to meet these freaks at the border and that we’re gonna take that lead bitch’s head off!

The Walking Dead spoilers for Silence the Whisperers

Negan (played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan) is going to have a lot of scenes again. In the last episode, he went on a jaunt with Aaron (Ross Marquand) where he ended up having to save the one-armed man from walkers. Aaron had become blinded by a weed and Negan saved his life. You would think that would earn him some favor with the group, especially given that he also saved Judith Grimes from death in the Season 9 finale. It earned some, but not enough.

Lydia (Cassidy McClincy) is going to get bullied during the new episode, especially due to her mother being Alpha. It is going to lead to some animosity from other survivors, to which she will respond pretty well until she is caught alone later in the episode. Margo is one of the people who is going to attack Lydia, but Negan steps in to save Alpha’s daughter. Negan kills Margo (Jerri Tubbs), taking away any goodwill that had been extended toward him.

Negan gets jailed again, but Lydia breaks him out, leading to his disappearance in the episode. Having Negan on the loose is going to put a lot of people on edge, but it is also going to set up some very interesting storylines that could be developing over the next few episodes of the show. It could also serve as a heavy foreshadowing of Negan eventually facing off against a foe like Alpha or Beta.

Hilltop vs walkers

Another primary plot point for The Walking Dead Season 10, Episode 4 is going to be a tree taking out a wall at Hilltop. This is going to leave the community vulnerable to walkers and a lot of fighting is going to take place for the survivors to continue living. Are the Whisperers responsible for this? Could something worse be in store for the main characters? It appears that the point of Silence the Whisperers is to build for future story points.

The Walking Dead airs Sunday nights at 9/8c on AMC.

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