The Walking Dead spoilers: How does Rick Grimes die? Will Maggie kill Negan?

Injured Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) on The Walking Dead
Injured Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) on The Walking Dead. Pic credit: AMC

The Walking Dead spoilers about Rick Grimes’ final episode have been leaked. A breakdown of what will take place, how Andrew Lincoln will exit the show, and what happens after Rick fell on the rebar is finally revealed.

A shocking ending awaits viewers at the culmination of the newest episode, setting the show on an entirely new path. But which characters will survive to take that path? And is Maggie Greene part of the new story? Or has Lauren Cohan really left The Walking Dead?

A lot of new information has been leaked to social media. While these Walking Dead spoilers come from a reliable source (TSDF Army), keep in mind, that none of this is information that has been confirmed by AMC.

The Walking Dead spoilers

During the last episode of the show, Rick and Daryl had a fight that led to both men clearing the air. They are confronted by a herd of walkers, though, with Rick taking on the task of leading them away from camp.

While on horseback, Rick comes across an even larger herd descending upon him. This spooks his horse, which tosses Rick onto some rebar.

The new episode will pick up after Rick was impaled by the rebar. There is going to be a mixture of hallucinations and action, while Rick tries to remain alive in an effort to get rid of this giant herd.

Rick is going to have scenes with former characters, including Hershel, Shane, and Sasha. In each one, he harkens to the past, but it is also a treat to viewers, as these fan-favorites get some more screen time.

Rick Grimes’ final episode on The Walking Dead?

After battling inner turmoil and the wounds he has suffered, Rick remembers the idea from Daryl about leading the walkers to the bridge. The idea is that the bridge will give out under the weight of the walkers, washing them out to sea. Instead, the bridge holds, leaving Rick in a very precarious position.

This is where the latest The Walking Dead spoilers differ from some rumors that have popped up on social media in the past. As his friends, including Daryl and Maggie come to help at the bridge, Rick doesn’t believe it is actually them. He spies dynamite on the bridge, takes aim, and blows everything up.

Michonne vs Maggie: Does Negan die?

As previously revealed, Maggie arrives to kill Negan. Michonne is the only thing that stands between Maggie and revenge for her husband’s death.

After a tense standoff, Michonne allows Maggie to enter Negan’s cell. Negan welcomes death, though, begging for Maggie to kill him and reunite him with his wife. She suddenly realizes that the cell is actually a greater punishment than death and Maggie leaves him alive.

More The Walking Dead spoilers: A shocking ending

After Rick has seemingly blown himself up, another scene takes place on the river banks. Jadis finds Rick, states that he is alive, and then takes him away on the helicopter.

Does Rick live to fight another day? This provides a bit of mystery to Andrew Lincoln’s final episode.

That’s not where the episode ends, though, as there is one last shocker for AMC viewers. A young stranger is shown saving a new group from a walker herd. She is shown wearing a cowboy hat, and it turns out that through a time jump in the writing, this is a 10-year-old version of Judith Grimes.

The Walking Dead airs Sunday nights at 9/8c on AMC.

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