The Walking Dead preview: How do The Walking Dead comics end?

How do The Walking Dead comics end?
Michonne plays a role in the end of The Walking Dead comics. Pic credit: Gene Page/AMC

The Walking Dead is heading into a new season and there is no word yet on how long it will last, but the end may be near.

The difference between the television show and comic books is striking. Plus, The Walking Dead comic books just ended … without warning.

Here is a look at how the comic books ended and what it could mean for The Walking Dead TV show.

SPOILERS follow for the comic books.

How do The Walking Dead comics end?

There were a ton of ways for The Walking Dead comics to end but the biggest rumor was that Carl Grimes would end up as the leader of the group once his dad died.

Well, that will never happen on the show since Carl is dead. However, there is still a chance that Judith could be the person to take over as leader once Rick dies.

Of course, Rick is gone right now and no one will see where he went until the spin-off movies arrive.

So, how did The Walking Dead comic end?

Rick Grimes died.

That is it.

The final issue was The Walking Dead #193 and the comic book ended with the notice that it was the final issue. There was no warning so people could get this collectible issue and no one knew it was ending except for the creative team.

But, creator Robert Kirkman said it was time to end it.

In The Walking Dead #192, Rick Grimes was assassinated by someone. Many wondered if he would live somehow, but he died. As Kirkman said, in his mind, this was Rick Grimes story. So when Rick died, it was over.

“Oddly, as unsure as I feel about ending the story, I feel confident in how I ended it,” Kirkman wrote at the end of the issue. “I’ve been building to this for years, and it does feel good to end on such a happy note.”

What was the happy note?

There was a new community.  Decades into the future after Rick’s death, Carl Grimes is married to Sophie (both are dead in the series). Maggie’s son Hershel has a traveling carnival with Walkers and Carl kills one in a fit of rage.

He is put on trial for killing Hershel’s property and comes before Judge Hawthorne, who just happens to be Michonne. She clears him of any crimes when he says no one should minimize the threat that Walkers possess.

It then ends with Carl reading a book to his daughter and telling her the story of a man named Rick Grimes.

So many of those people are dead or gone on the AMC hit series.

However, if Rick Grimes is going to be in three new movies, maybe when those end, it will be time to end the original timeline series of The Walking Dead. Judith could be grown and have a child and read the story to her.

Michonne is leaving the show, but maybe Carol could be the judge in the future.

The end came for The Walking Dead comic books but the show’s future is still moving on. Could the Commonwealth be near?

The Walking Dead returns on Sunday, October 6 on AMC. 

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