The Walking Dead fans celebrate ‘elite ship’ Richonne reunion after five year wait

Danai Gurira and Andrew Lincoln on The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live.
The Richonne reunion hit many fans in the feels. Pic credit: AMC

When Andrew Lincoln left The Walking Dead in 2018, fans were promised a trilogy of movies to bring his character’s story to fruition.

Sadly, those movies never materialized, but AMC gave him and Danai Gurira a six-episode limited series titled The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live that charts Michonne’s quest to reunite with her husband, Rick, and take him back home.

The series premiere aired Sunday, February 25, and fans were bursting with pride across social media as the two beloved characters crossed paths for the first time since 2018.

The premiere was hard at work filling in the gaps about what became of Rick after he blew up a bridge to protect those he loved before being whisked off on a CRM helicopter by Jadis (Pollyanna McIntosh).

Rick tried to escape countless times, which ultimately put him on what can only be described as a leash when he was taken out into the world.

Because of his fearless devotion to his family, he went as far as cutting off his hand with an axe to escape and make a run for freedom.

How did Rick and Michonne reunite?

We also witnessed him contemplate suicide as he realized there was no way to return to his loved ones.

Somewhere along the way, Rick realized he had to embrace life at the CRM because people don’t just escape, so he worked some military missions for Okafor (Craig Tate).

Just when it seemed like things were moving in a predictable direction, things took a stunning turn when the helicopter holding him and Okafor was hit by what looked like a missile.

Okafor was blown to smithereens, and just as Rick was about to be killed by someone killing CRM soldiers, his mask came off, and the person doing the killing was… Michonne.

Yes, that was the big cliffhanger, but it wasn’t the first time Lincoln and Gurira shared the screen during the premiere, as we saw them meet in some dream-like state.

Richonne fans took to social media to share their excitement

Richonne fans were understandably excited about these two characters finding their way back to each other, and it’s not a surprise.

Lincoln and Gurira have chemistry for days, and that chemistry was still present all these years later.

Their initial scene in the episode featured plenty of sparks and some flirting for good measure.

Although it was a dream sequence, we could imagine this exchange happening in their world.

Another fan appreciated that the creatives gave us a rom-com for the two characters.

Truthfully, a Richonne rom-com for 90 minutes would probably be up there as some of the best The Walking Dead universe content.

Going into the premiere, knowing how many years the episode had to cover, there was a big chance the two characters wouldn’t reunite for a while.

Many were surprised that we got it this soon. Monsters and Critics was fortunate enough to screen the next three episodes, and you should buckle up because it’s a high-stakes ride now that these two are reunited.

Will The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live get a second season?

There has been plenty of confusion about whether the series is limited.

When announced, word spread that it was a six-part event, but AMC switched up the marketing and called it a “new series,” giving hope that it could get a second season.

Sadly, the most recent promotional material calls it a “six-episode event,” which certainly signals this will be the only season.

Another possibility is that the pair could appear in a new show set in that universe down the line.

Look at it this way: Melissa McBride and Norman Reedus’ spinoff has taken them to France.

Anything is possible with this franchise.

The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live airs Sundays at 9/8c on AMC. Episodes premiere the same day, but much earlier, on AMC+.

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