The View’s Sunny Hostin shares why she used the weight loss drug Mounjaro

Sunny Hostin a the American Ballet Theater Fall Gala
Sunny Hostin explained why she used the weight loss drug Mounjaro. Pic credit: ©

With Oprah Winfrey’s revelations about her use of a weight loss medication to help her lose weight, it makes perfect sense for The View to cover the topic.

Oprah made news recently because she resigned from the Weight Watchers board to do a special about her weight loss story.

As Whoopi Goldberg introduced the topic, the ladies made some startling revelations about weight loss and who on the panel has been on these medications.

Whoopi shared her story about Mounjaro’s use after she hit a weight of 300 pounds at one point. Mounjaro is a diabetic/weight loss medication similar to Ozempic.

This opened the door for Sunny Hostin to make a significant admission.

Sunny has been vocal about not caring what the “trolls” have had to say about her age or her looks, but her revelations about weight loss drugs seem to go against these claims.

She has also admitted in the past that she is “too vain” to wear readers on The View set to read the cue cards properly.

Sunny told the ladies that she gained 40 lbs during pandemic

Sunny shared with the ladies that during the pandemic lockdown, she gained 40 pounds because all she “did was eat.” Telling the ladies that she loved to cook and eat, she was also worried about returning to the television screen.

Sunny admitted that she used the weight loss drug Mounjaro to lose extra weight ahead of her return to The View, saying, “I took Mounjaro.”

Although she wasn’t “clinically obese,” as she put it, her cholesterol was out of control, and she needed the extra help. At one point, it was a high 200; now, it is a more manageable 140.

Sunny said, “When someone is obese, they are ashamed.” Sunny defended her use of the drug by saying, “I feel better…I look better.” Sunny did not clarify if she still uses this medication or if she discontinued the use when she lost the extra weight.

Fans are quick to point out other options, like working out in addition to these drugs

Fans on X (formerly Twitter) revealed how they felt about what the ladies said about losing weight.

One fan shared an understanding of what Sunny and Whoopi said and concluded, “It’s important to prioritize your body and health by working out!”

Another fan agreed, “Facts, sis. Same here. It’s super important.”

One last fan shared, “I think people need to understand genetics and that not everyone will be skinny. I strive to be healthy more than to be skinny.”

The View fans react to Whoopi Goldberg and Sunny Hostin's claims about weight loss.
Pic credit: @iamchanteezy/X

To use a medication like this remains a personal choice between a patient and their doctor. Still, it is excellent that Sunny and Whoopi are not afraid to share their experiences so others can make their own decisions.

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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