The View’s Sunny Hostin has her fans asking ‘who dis?’ over this big change

Sunny Hostin at an event
Sunny Hostin revealed a huge change in her appearance prompting fans to react. Pic credit: © Admedia

What the hosts wear or how they do their hair seems more interesting lately than the constant political talk on The View.

The significant change Sunny Hostin debuted recently on The View certainly had fans commenting, and even the other ladies (like Joy Behar) had to stop to ask questions.

Recently, Sara Haines came on the show with a hairstyle that had fans comparing her to the little orphan “Annie” on social media.

The last time Sunny received this much attention over a change in her appearance, she looked like she was wearing pajamas on The View.

Fans started flooding social media with messages asking questions and sharing their feelings about the change Sunny Hostin asked her hairstylist, Matthew Yates, to create.

The change was so different from Sunny’s usual long, curly hair that even Joy Behar had to deviate from the topic they were discussing and ask Sunny a blunt question.

Fans do a double-take over Sunny’s new look, asking, ‘Who dis?’

Sunny’s drastic new hairstyle had everyone abuzz on The View and social media, and this latest look certainly did not disappoint.

Joy had to stop and ask Sunny bluntly, “Can I ask Sunny a question? Is that your real hair?” Joy has a habit of taking over and asking blunt questions or asking for clarification if needed, as she did recently with Alyssa Farah Griffin.

Sunny, who was not trying to hide anything, answered Joy quickly, “No, it’s not.” She then explained that she saw a hairstyle like it at a party and asked her hairstylist to recreate it.

Fans shared their feeling on X (formerly Twitter). One fan said, “Who dis?”

Another fan said, “Uh…” and shared a gif that said, “Who is this woman?”

And another fan said, “Sunny with the new look.”

Another fan shared, “Oooooooh! @sunny with shorter hair. I LOVE IT!”

A fan reacts to Sunny Hostin's wig
A fan reacts to Sunny Hostin’s new wig. Pic credit: @P_dPowell/X

One last selection of fan responses has a fan sharing, “Oh, Sunny, trying something different today…”

A fan reacted to Sunny Hostin's new hair do.
A fan reacts to Sunny Hostin’s hair. Pic credit: @RickyKavin1213/X

The View’s Joy needed to be warned to ‘behave’ during a segment

It seems Joy Behar has been saying anything that comes to mind lately, from stopping Alyssa Farah Griffin from speaking too quickly to being told to “behave” by Whoopi Goldberg.

Earlier in the week, before Sunny changed her hairstyle and caused an uproar, Dr. Jennifer Ashton was on the show to promote a new product, Ajenda.

It’s a face cream, and Joy asked if “Vagisil,” a cream meant to treat vaginal irritation, could be put on your face and then mentioned using Noxema, a face cream, in other places.

It seems necessary for Whoopi to warn Joy to “behave” during segments like this one.

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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