The View’s Sara Haines tearfully revealed her darkest time with depression

Sara Haines at a random event.
Sara Haines revealed how depressed she was at her lowest time. Pic credit: ©

Many fans may not remember that Sara Haines left her spot at The View for a bit after Season 21.

Sara is such a fixture next to Whoopi Goldberg that no one can imagine her not being there in her seat. Fans got a little nervous about Sara leaving when it was announced she was joining What Would You Do for an episode.

While she enjoyed her time on The View, she was lured back to the Good Morning America family with a show named GMA3. It was later titled Strahan, Sara, and Keke.

Keke Palmer and Michael Strahan were here co-hosts on the show. Michael recently made news because his daughter Isabella has a brain tumor.

Unfortunately, this show was canceled amid the pandemic. Sara called it a “fumble.” She came back to her seat at The View

During this time, Sara had just given birth and was suffering from postpartum depression, she revealed to Brian Teta on the podcast The View: Behind the Table.

Sara cried as she spoke of the depth of her depression

“I was really depressed,” Sara explained to Brian Teta. Listeners could hear the tears in her voice.

Brian had asked Sara what was her pivotal game-changing moment in life. For Sara, it was the two years she left The View. She mentioned, “I loved the show” and “I thought I’d die here” about her time on The View.

The only thing that could persuade her to leave was the draw of her show, where she headlined. Michael Strahan was a big name for her to be next to, and she always said, “Regret is a bigger load than fear.”

But the show failed, and she came back to The View amid significant postpartum depression. It scared her husband, Max Shifrin.

He asked her why she was so upset according to her. And all she could reply was that she was “mourning the dream…the potential.”

Sara Haines describes her imposter syndrome

Sara posted on her Instagram a link to the podcast speaking about her depression and imposter syndrome.

She described her imposter syndrome and said she was determined not to fail, yet that happened, and Sara had to learn to forge ahead.

The quote in her Instagram talks about the problem with imposter syndrome and the dark thoughts: “You never really get rid of them. You learn to live with them.”

Sara can look back at this time and rest assured that she is exactly where she should be in her seat on The View.

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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