The View’s Joy Behar slammed for ‘uncalled for’ joke about Black women

Joy Behar on the red carpet
Joy Behar’s comment on The View didn’t go over well with viewers. Pic credit: ©

Joy Behar should have perhaps thought twice before making this joke on Wednesday’s episode of The View.

Naturally, talking about Taylor Swift and her new romance with football star Travis Kelce was inevitable for the Hot Topics panel.

However, rather than just focusing on the new romance rumors, the ladies were discussing the fact that Taylor met Travis’s mom, Donna.

All of this seems to confirm the relationship that fans are speculating about. However, there has been no official word from Taylor or Travis about their relationship status.

Whoopi asked the ladies what they thought of the relationship, and Joy started with a compliment to Taylor: “The Swifties are all gonna vote because of Taylor Swift. I salute her. She is powerful.”

Then, Joy added, “They always say Black women save the world, but this time, I think it’s gonna be Taylor Swift.”

Sunny Hostin, who is half Black, laughed and said, “It might be Taylor Swift in combination with Black women.”

The audience laughed, and everyone moved on, but the interaction did not impress some viewers.

Critics slam Joy Behar for insensitive joke

Viewers quickly took to Twitter to discuss their thoughts on the matter.

One user wrote, “[Joy Behar] joking about Taylor Swift being more influential than Black women in this country is a new level of unnecessary and uncalled for. Black women are not at your disposal to joke around with.”

Tweet calling out Joy Behar
Pic credit: @Jennife93592011/Twitter

Another user wrote, “#JoyBehar on #TheView today: ‘They always say Black women save the world, but this time I think it’s gonna be Taylor Swift.’ Hmmm… #BlackWomen don’t let this go over our heads.”

One user jokingly replied, “S**t I hope she’s right lol Black women are not superhuman. I’m out here tryna chill lol let Taylor do the heavy lifting.”

Another user echoed the sentiments in the first tweet, replying, “I usually like Joy & what she has to say but when I heard this, ugh. Taylor swift is doing the bare minimum. People are giving her credit for voter registration when so many celebs I saw post it too and is always active in speaking out and being in the streets talking to voters.”

Still, another user wasn’t thrilled that “she needed to include Black women in her commentary” and noted that “she can give TS her props without comparing/contrasting.”

Sara Haines calls out Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s relationship as fake

As previously reported by Monsters and Critics, not everyone wanted to discuss Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s new potential romance.

Panelists Sara Haines, Whoopi Goldberg, and Sunny Hostin weren’t too thrilled about discussing the relationship, with Sara noting that she thought the whole thing was a “publicity stunt.”

Taylor Swift remains a hot topic and is almost unavoidable on the daytime talk show. However, perhaps Joy’s quips are avoidable in the future.

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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