The View is ‘kind of a rigged show,’ says Meghan McCain

Meghan McCain at at random event.
Meghan McCain called The View ‘rigged.’ Pic credit: ©

Meghan McCain is complaining about The View again, this time on a friend’s podcast.

Michael Krechmer, better known as Michael Malice, has a podcast named Your Welcome with Michael Malice.

Meghan was on, and the topic of The View came up. She had many negative things to say about her former coworkers.

This podcast was seemingly recorded on the day that Ana Navarro alluded to former castmates trading on their family names for favor, and Meghan was upset about the ordeal.

She was sure Ana was speaking about her and lamented, “I’ve been accused of crimes on ABC News.”

Meghan then laughed and called the ladies, “Crazy old people yelling about me all the time.”

Meghan McCain says The View is ‘rigged’

Michael asked her about The View and if they were a “psyop to get people to repeal the 19th Amendment.”

She did not think those working at The View were intelligent enough and said it was “Kind of a rigged show.” She explained that the hosts were given topics the night before and chose what they wanted to discuss.

She then accused the ladies of not talking about anything that would make Democrats look bad and called the practice “not totally ethical.”

She called the backstage workings on the View “very disorganized” and “chaotic.”

Meghan admitted to her friend Michael that she didn’t realize that signing her contract for The View, although it lasted four years, meant she would be a target forever.

“For the rest of my life, I will be bullied and abused,” she said.

Meghan posted a link to the interview on X, formerly known as Twitter.

Ana Navarro recently told the ladies that people in Washington traded on their famous last names and named Hunter Biden as one. She then said people sitting at the host table on The View had done it, too.

Meghan took that personally and will not stop bringing it up any chance she gets.

It has gotten to the point that fans are getting involved, but Ana has not acknowledged Meghan once, even when asked.

Meghan made it clear in a post on X and on the podcast with her friend, Michael, that she was speaking to her lawyers about what Ana alluded to in her statements.

The View returns on January 2, 2024, with new episodes. Hopefully, they will respond to Meghan’s threats.

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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