The View fans react to an abrupt disruption caused by an audience member

Whoopi Goldberg in NYC
Whoopi Goldberg shut down The View to scold an audience member. Pic credit: ©

Things on The View took a turn recently when Whoopi Goldberg had to shut everything down to deal with an unruly audience member.

Whoopi is not afraid to speak up about topics she thinks they should avoid or tell errant audience members to stop when breaking the rules.

Alyssa Farah Griffin was mid-sentence over something political when suddenly, Whoopi stood up and said they needed to stop.

“Sir. I have to stop you with your camera cause I can see you. Do me a favor; don’t pull it out again. I don’t appreciate that. Thank you.”

The other ladies were confused and scared. Joy Behar asked, “What was he doing?”

Sunny Hostin looked upset as Sara Haines whispered, “Recording.”

The New York Post reports that during a taping of The View, cellphones “are prohibited and are expected to be silenced or turned off during the live broadcast to avoid any interruptions.”

Fans react on Reddit over the altercation

The stunning moment is captured in the clip The View shared on X (formerly Twitter).

Fans noticed what happened and shared their reactions on Reddit. One user asked, What “happened with the cameraman?” Then others clarified that it was an “audience member recording” and that they were told to shut their phones off during the taping.

A fan of The View reacted to what happened on the show.
A fan of The View asked on Reddit what happened when the show stopped. Pic credit: u/RedLeg73/Reddit

Another fan said what everyone was thinking, that Whoopi “isn’t playing today.”

Yet another fan said, “Whoopi’s in a bad mood today.” Another said, “It’s unusual to see the host tell the person to turn off their camera or phone.”

The View fans react on reddit about the disruption on the show
Fans of The View react to Whoopi Goldberg shutting down an errant audience member. Pic credit: u/RedLeg73/Reddit

It is not clear why Whoopi felt she needed to shut down the filming rather than a stagehand or producer, but it is clear that it upset her nonetheless.

Whoopi tried to warn Sunny Hostin and Sara Haines about this topic

Whoopi Goldberg is the hands-down boss on The View. She alternates between moderating the conversations between the ladies and keeping things running on the show.

Whoopi often keeps the ladies in line, knowing when potential topics will come back to bite them, as the Kate Middleton scandal has.

Sunny Hostin and Sara Haines took a deep dive into where Kate Middleton was and what was happening as she healed from her surgery, and Whoopi cautioned them not to do it.

They did not listen and had to tell Whoopi how right she was as they apologized and tried to share a good reason why they should dig into a person’s medical privacy.

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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12 days ago

Alyssa talks to fast most of the time, she needs to slow down a little bit.
The view is not for spanish audience, only when Ana Navarro is there, otherwise is rarely mention any related issues only for other color population, barely you can hear famous people exempt some like Rita Moreno.❤
When are showing the celebration of Hispanic month they mention only a few, just to remind them that Spanish people, as well as Native Americans were here in America before any other race but they’re being ignore.