The View fans love Sunny Hostin’s ‘I told you so’ face

Sunny Hostin at a random event.
Sunny Hostin’s fan are loving the read she gave Nikki Haley. Pic credit: ©

Sunny Hostin is beloved on The View for her take on the hot topics that grip the nation and for her facial expressions as she tells it like it is.

In this heated political season, it is easy to get upset when someone says one thing but then changes their mind and returns to a previous viewpoint.

The ladies discussed Nikki Haley and her changing views on who she will vote for in the presidential election, causing fans to comment on Sunny Hostin’s reactions.

Nikki dropped out of the presidential race in March, and now she has revealed her voting plans, which the ladies on The View discussed livelily.

Sunny Hostin’s reactions have once again caused fans to comment about them, as they did recently over her words about Gypsy-Rose Blanchard.

The View shared a video of the exchange on their social media page on X (formerly Twitter), causing fans to comment on Sunny again.

Fans react to Sunny Hostin’s shade towards this politician

When the news came out that Nikki Haley would reverse her previous stance, Whoopi Goldberg gave the ladies a chance to discuss how they felt about it.

Sunny got straight to the point and started by saying, “People have like ten lives in politics.”

She then said, “I’m not surprised. I called it, as you know it.” She then looked at the lone Republican at the table, Alyssa Farah Griffin.

One fan caught Sunny’s “I told you so” face and remarked, “Say ‘I told you so’ without saying ‘I told you so.’

Another fan shared their feelings with a quip and a screenshot of Sunny’s face: “Waiting for Sunny response…” and was met with this response from another fan, “I think you captured it, lol. That is the exact face, and I’m with her.”

The View fans remark on X about Sunny Hostin's response on the show
Fans remark about Sunny Hostin’s response to Nikki Haley. Pic credit: @iamchanteezy/X

In a lighter subject, Whoopi shared a sneak preview of a Brat Pack documentary

One of the Breakfast Club stars, Andrew McCarthy, will premiere a documentary titled BRATS on the streaming service Hulu on June 13, 2024.

The Brat Pack included stars like Demi Moore, Emilio Esteves, and Rob Lowe. As Monsters and Critics reported, Rob Lowe is hosting a game show called The Floor.

The documentary looks exciting and will update fans on what their favorite stars from movies like Sixteen Candles and St. Elmo’s Fire are up to nowadays.

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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