The View fans are mad at Joy Behar after she laughed at those under 30

Joy Behar on The View
Joy Behar is in hot water with fans after laughing at them. Pic credit: ABC

The View was live today amid politics and Martin Luther King Day service projects. Things got lighthearted for a change.

The View broke from heavy politics today with a segment about Generation Z, or Gen Z.

Gen Z people were born between 1997 and 2012, meaning the oldest will turn 30 in three short years. This impending milestone has some of them terrified, it seems.

Today, the ladies had a giggle over the segment that Whoopi Goldberg introduced. Whoopi herself couldn’t finish introducing it without laughing.

Whoopi had to stop mid-sentence several times because she couldn’t believe her eyes at what she was expected to read.

Gen Z’ers are terrified of turning 30, according to Whoopi. She tried to read her prompt about how they are upset over losing stamina and sex appeal and gaining wrinkles but barely make it through without bursting into laughter.

Whoopi and Joy Behar burst out laughing at Gen Z’ers fears

In the middle of reading about the segment, Whoopi couldn’t stop laughing, and Joy Behar burst out noting “it’s ridiculous” that young people would blame the internet for their age phobias.

While Alyssah Farah Griffin tried to speak up for the youth, Joy Behar kept breaking in with insults. “Get a job,” Joy said of them.

“There’s a million jobs available,” she said when Sunny mentioned adults still living with their parents.

“Boo Hoo!” Joy said of the whole thing. This is not the first time Joy has snapped at people on the show; most recently, she got angry with Sunny Hostin.

Whoopi echoed Joy and said that they all need jobs. Whoopi got in trouble with fans long ago when she went after Millenials.

The short clip can be viewed on The View’s YouTube channel — See the clip below.

Fans of The View were outraged and spoke out on social media about Joy and Whoopi’s opinions

Immediately after Joy and Whoopi laughed at a whole generation, social media exploded with angry Gen Z’ers.

One fan said, “Joy and Whoopi always clock in as the Boomer representatives.” Boomers were born between 1946 and 1964. They are typically thought of as not understanding how hard it is for the young adults of the current generation.

The View fan posts on X
Pic credit: @dj0nes/X

Another fan said that Whoopi and Joy make them angry because it seems like “they refuse to hear that the world as they experienced when they were young literally doesn’t exist anymore. Gen Z and millennials have jobs. There’s record-low unemployment right now. SMH”

A fan of The View sounds off on X.
Pic credit: @Myles_isright/X

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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