The Talk host Sheryl Underwood opens up about dramatic weight loss, jokes she’s ‘almost a baby Kardashian’

Sheryl Underwood on the red carpet
Sheryl got real about her health and weight loss journey. Pic credit: ©

The Talk host Sheryl Underwood has addressed losing over 100 pounds and made a joke about her new body.

Sheryl also revealed her health goals as her new journey continues, even though she has hit a weight loss milestone.

Along with the positive effects of her health goals and weight loss, Sheryl recently spoke out about some of the unexpected side effects she endured.

One of those side effects is finding clothing because Sheryl’s new body doesn’t fit standard sizes.

Speaking with The Messenger, Sheryl got candid about her new transformation while using humor to share her story.

The comedian even shed light on the latest weight loss craze involving Ozempic and other drugs.

The Talk host Sheryl Underwood jokes she’s ‘almost a baby Kardashian’ after 100lb weight loss

When it comes to finding the right clothes after her weight loss, Sheryl admitted that different parts of her body are various sizes, making it hard to buy clothes.

“My booty is still a 10/12. Above my waist, I’m like 6/8. The sad part [is that] all the clothes that you love, you can’t wear. Like one time, my shoe fell off because my foot was little. I was trying to walk out, and my shoe fell off,” she explained.

The Talk host admitted her feet were smaller as she went from a size eight or nine to a seven. Sheryl got real about having an hourglass body shape, which led her to make a hilarious comment about being a Kardashian.

“I’m about three different sizes because I still got a booty. But here’s the bad part — you know how those girls have the hourglass? I’m almost to the hourglass. I’m almost a baby Kardashian. Let me say that. I’m almost a baby Kardashian,” Sheryl expressed.

Comedian Sheryl Underwood opens up about dramatic weight loss

During a time when so many are turning to drugs like Ozempic to lose weight but denying it, Sheryl was brutally honest that she got help from the drug Wegovy.

“I just kept seeing all these people that — one week you look this way, and the next week you look this way — so I felt I had to. Not because I was afraid of it. I wanted to be honest,” the funny woman spilled to The Messenger.

Sheryl did watch what she ate and did a workout, too. However, she fully owns getting help from Wegovy, which has benefited her.

The Talk host no longer has to take medication for her Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, or hypertension, and she’s very proud of that.

It’s not just about the physical aspect of losing 100 pounds for Sheryl Underwood but also the health benefits of transformation.

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