The Society: Who killed Cassandra?

The Society on Netflix
Who killed Cassandra? Pic credit: Netflix

The Society is a new teen mystery drama that premiered on Netflix on May 10.

It follows a group of teenagers struggling to survive on their own after they were mysteriously transported to a place that is a copy of their hometown of West Ham in Connecticut — but with their parents missing.

At the end of episode 3 of The Society, titled Childhood’s End, the kids are still trying to figure out how and why they were transported alone to what appears to be a parallel universe copy of their hometown, when someone murders Cassandra Pressman (Rachel Keller), Allie’s (Kathryn Newton) popular older sister.

We don’t know who killed her but we do know she has a bitter rival in Harry Bingham (Alex Fitzalan).

While Allie tries to find the killer, the realization there is a murderer on the prowl in New Ham raises tension until Greg Dewey (Seth Meriwether) is arrested and charged with the crime.

If you have binge-watched all 10 episodes of The Society, then you very likely wondered whether it was really Greg Dewey who killed Cassandra.

Dewey found guilty of murder and executed

Cassandra’s death was a great loss to the community because she was a competent teenager and a natural leader who took charge after they found themselves mysteriously transported to New Ham without their parents.

Cassandra took over leadership, created a system to assign chores and managed the rationing of food at the supermarket. Everyone accepted Cassandra’s leadership except the spoiled rich kid Harry who held a grudge against her.

Harry refused to corporate with her and one day, after getting drunk, threatened to sexually assault and kill Cassandra.

Soon after Harry’s crazy rant, someone attacked Cassandra, shot her twice in the stomach, and left her to bleed to death.

Later in Episode 5 while conducting a search, they discovered a gun in Dewey’s room that had bullets that matched the type that killed Cassandra.

Dewey was tried and sentenced to death. Alice marched him into the woods and executed him with a gunshot to the head.

Was it really Dewey who killed Cassandra?

Dewey appeared to have a motive to kill Cassandra. He was at the pool when Harry threatened to assault and kill Cassandra. He later appeared to confess to Harry he was the one who killed Cassandra.

“Cassandra was the problem,” he later told Harry. “Someone had to teach that c**t who’s boss. The least I can get is a thank you.”

Harry appeared shocked by the apparent confession and immediately went to report it to Allie.

Dewey was then arrested and tried, but during the trial, he insisted he was innocent, saying that someone planted the gun in his room. But after he had been found guilty he changed his story.

He confessed once again that it was he who killed Cassandra but that it was Harry and Campbell who came up with the idea.

Fan theories

Despite his confessions, very few fans believe Dewey committed the crime. The resolution of the murder seems so suspiciously quick and easy that most fans are convinced the execution of Dewey is not the end.

Fans have speculated about who the real killer might be and guesses have ranged from Allie to Lexie (Grace Victoria Cox) or Campbell (Toby Wallace). Some even suggested Cassandra and Allie’s mom from the original town of West Ham might have been involved.

Others think it might be Pfeiffer (Chaske Spencer) the bus driver.

One fan theory argues that the dog that appeared before Cassandra was shot will play a key role in the resolution of the mystery.

Elle Tomkins (Olivia DeJonge) adopted the dog and named him Charlie, but Campbell (Toby Wallace) appeared to have killed him. We also see the dog in West Ham where the parents of the teenagers live and Allie and Cassandra’s mom strokes him.

Many fans believe the dog could hold the key to the mystery and the dog probably knows the location of a portal through which one can pass to and from, between New Ham and West Ham.

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