The Voice results: Who went home and who moved forward in cross battles

Maelyn Jarmon performs Made World on The Voice. Pic credit: NBC

NBC’s The Voice kicked off this week by showcasing the live cross battles, where singers from each team battle against each other.

Although every singer gave their performances their all, there are winners and there are losers in the cross battles just as there are in the other performances on The Voice.

With so much happening in such a short amount of time, many fans are wondering who gets to stay on The Voice and who has to leave.

Who left The Voice tonight

After so many spectacular performances Monday night, many fans are worried that their favorite singers may have to leave The Voice. Each team lost great singers tonight just as they kept great singers as well.

There were three artists in total who left The Voice tonight. Team Adam lost Andrew Jannakos, Team Kelly lost Karen Galera, and Team John lost Kayslin Victoria.

Although the three artists had to go home, there were several artists who were saved or stolen after the cross battles.

Betsy Ade from Team Kelly lost her cross battle to Kim Cherry on Team Blake but was quickly up for the taking. Both Adam Levine and John Legend wanted to steal Betsy Ade, but she ultimately made the decision to join Team Adam.

Although Ade joined Team Adam, Celia Babini left Team Adam and was stolen by John Legend.

The cross battle between Blake Shelton’s contestant Selkii and Adam Levine’s singer Mari left fans torn as to who they thought did better. Although Mari won, Shelton decided to use his save on Selkii and keep her on his team.

Adam Levine not only used his steal tonight but decided to use his save to keep Domenic Haynes on his team. Kelly Clarkson used her steal on Rod Stokes, taking him from Team Blake.

With the judges using so many steals and saves tonight, many fans are wondering if there will be regret when we see the rest of the cross battles. Hopefully, all of the judges are making the right choices.

Who won on The Voice tonight

Although many contestants lost their cross battle, many contestants won as well.

Mari won her cross battle and represented Team Adam well, which made a lot of fans happy. Matthew Johnson and Presley Tennant both won their battles as well, giving Team Kelly two wins in the cross battles so far.

Team Blake represented a lot of musical power during these cross battles. Blake Shelton is a seasoned judge and coach on The Voice, and it really shows.

Kim Cherry, Oliv Blu, and Dexter Roberts all made Shelton proud when they moved ahead following the cross battles.

Although John Legend is a new judge and coach on The Voice, so far it looks like he’s doing the job well. Maelyn Jarmon and Lisa Ramey represented Team Legend well during the cross battles, advancing to the next round.

There are still many contestants left waiting to perform for the cross battles, but not that many steals and saves left by the judges. Fans are anxious to see what happens in the next set of the cross battles on The Voice.

The Voice airs Mondays at 8/7c on NBC.

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