The Real’s Loni Love keeps it super real with Adrienne Bailon about checking guest lists

Loni Love (L) isn't having Adrienne's pet peeve at all. Pic credit: The Real
Loni Love (L) isn’t having Adrienne’s pet peeve at all. Pic credit: The Real

SallyAnn Salsano’s syndicated talk show The Real keeps it super real today as comic and host Loni Love confesses she will always inquire who is invited to any party that she is invited to attend.

But the conversation gets a little too real between Loni and co-host Adrienne, the latter host, who seemed to indirectly be addressing Loni, over a party invite and some questions from Ms. Love.

In the clip below, Adrienne talks about her number one pet-peeve that she has when hosting a party that her fellow co-host Loni Love apparently sees no issue with, asking who is coming to the same party when invited.

Loni held fast to her check the list policy and disagreed with Adrienne to the bitter end.

Watch as Love defends and explains her check the guest list policy on The Real as Adrienne talked about how with her birthday coming up, it annoyed her to no end and was a no-no for her when people inquired who also was coming. And on today’s The Real things got really testy fast.

“The thing I can’t stand as the party planner to get as a reply is, ‘who’s coming?’ I think that is so rude!” Adrienne explained. “Next week is my birthday, If I sent you an invite and I’m like hey will you come to my birthday party and your reply is ‘who’s coming’…”

She expressed her anger and disbelief someone would actually do that, this is where you need to watch Loni’s expressions closely.

Loni Love kept it real on The Real and defended her position of wanting to know who was on the guest list so she wouldn’t ‘be bothered’ by them.

She says: “I have to disagree with you because I think that’s being mature to ask who’s going to be there so you don’t get embarrassed…”

Watch how Adrienne reacts!

Also today, the hosts will also have a heated discussion about the idea of being sued by a scorned spouse and if allowing this legal action will ever deter more people from cheating in their marriage.

Also, co-host Tamera Mowry-Housley shares she is preparing for the inevitable awkward sex talk with her son Aden.

Later, actor, producer and director Tyler Perry drops by to talk about his new shows The Oval and Sistas, the historical opening of his studio in “black Hollywood” Atlanta, and how he gets on and manages his larger than life career and his personal life, and the cathartic lesson he got when disciplining his five-year-old son.

In this The Real preview, Loni Love is one of those people Adrienne is talking about, who demand to know who else is invited to the party ahead of committing to the RSVP.

The Real airs weekdays-check local listings.

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