The Real Housewives of Orange County: Kelly and Shannon fight at 70s party

Kelly lays into Shannon at her 70s party, calling her "f**king dumb"
Kelly lays into Shannon at the 70s party on tonight’s RHOC, calling her “f**king dumb”

On The Real Housewives of Orange County tonight, things get totally crazy as Shannon hosts a 70s party.

But when you’ve got a reputation like hers and there’s champagne flowing it’s hardly unexpected.

Watch the preview clip for tonight’s RHOC episode below as we see the build-up to the party ahead of its shocking conclusion.

In the clip Tamra and Kelly go clothes shopping ahead of the party. The pair seem to have difficulty identifying what’s actually 70s rather than 60s, before Kelly reveals she doesn’t actually like 70s clothes at all — saying: “The only good thing to come out of the 70s is me!”

But the clothes quickly start playing second fiddle to a conversation about Shannon, when Tamra asks Kelly what she thinks about her.

Kelly tries to pretend she doesn’t have beef but it doesn’t take long for her to brand Shannon a “negative Nancy” and a “Debbie Downer”.

The pair didn’t get on at all when they first met, and Kelly tells Tamra: “I had a disconnect from her, but doesn’t everyone feel that way at first? Heather told me she had some problems with her in the beginning.”

Kelly later adds: “She’s the one that has the problem, not me,” and tells Tamra that Shannon should forgive Vicky because she’s repeatedly apologised.

Tamra reveals: “She’s told me that she’s forgiven her, she just doesn’t know if she wants to continue to be friends with her.”

But the lead-up to the party is nothing like what happens once the drinks start to take effect and things are in full flow at the party.

Watch the episode tonight as a huge row kicks off with Kelly branding Shannon “f**king dumb” — before getting told to leave.

Preview for tonight’s The Real Housewives of Orange County

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