The Real Housewives of New York City: Damning texts could mean wedding’s OFF

Bethenny talks about the “incriminating” texts which she says could end Luann and Tom’s engagement

Luann de Lesseps’ engagement to Tom D’Agostino is under threat on tonight’s The Real Housewives of New York City — after Bethenny Frankel received a series of incriminating texts that could mean the wedding is off.

Bethenny reveals she received the messages at 2.30am one night and says they are so damning they could stop the couple’s relationship in its tracks.

She said: “Someone sent me a series of texts that are so incriminating that I can’t imagine how it wouldn’t blow up this whole engagement. This could possibly mean that the wedding will be cancelled.”

But what is the content of the texts and who are they from?

It’s already emerged that Sonja Morgan had been sleeping with Tom for a decade when he and Luann got together. Luann started getting close to him she was living with Sonja — but failed to tell her.

Luann readily admits that Tom is a player, but says that anything that happened “BL” — or Before Lu — she couldn’t give two damns about.

This has left Sonja pretty P’d off, as she says: “I lost a companion, I lost a lover, and I lost a dinner date. And she [Luanne] keeps saying, ‘but that’s before Lu’. It’s very dismissive to me because I am BL, I am Before Lu.

“But I’m sucking it up right now, for AL. For After Lu.”

Bethenny dishes more dirt about Tom and how he’s gone through loads of wealthy women — or women he thinks are wealthy — in the past. But she knows Tom thinks Luanne is the “biggest Barracuda” of them all.

But could the texts put a stop to the whole thing?

Tonight’s juicy episode takes place as the ladies vacation in Miami, after calling off trips to Hawaii and Mexico due to Bethenny’s health problems.

Watch the preview for The Real Housewives of New York City Season 8 Episode 17 below.

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