The Price Is Right fans wonder when new episodes will air as surprising Halloween repeat airs

drew carey face shot in halloween costume from the price is right episode
The Price Is Right host Drew Carey as a professional wrestler for a Halloween episode. Pic credit: CBS

Fans of The Price Is Right hope to see new episodes of their favorite game show soon.

Many viewers were likely confused when they went to watch their favorite game show recently.

Instead of a new installment, a Halloween-themed re-rerun aired on CBS.

At the show’s start, announcer George Gray, wearing a sparkly purple suit, called contestants to come to Contestant’s Row and said, “You are the first four contenders as we celebrate Halloween on The Price Is Right.”

The episode featured host Drew Carey dressed in a wig and muscle suit resembling a wrestling star with a championship belt. George announced him as “One Dollar Drew,” and his entrance on stage included sparklers and lights.

Model Alexis Gaube joined Drew on stage before contestants bid on the first prizes for a chance to get on stage.

Fans expressed confusion over TPIR’s repeat episode

During The Price Is Right’s Halloween episode, all models wore wrestler-themed costumes. George announced models Manuela Arbelaez and Amber Lancaster as a tag team called The Storm, which consisted of Thunder and Lightning.

Throughout the show, Drew and the models played up the roles of their costumed characters with various antics and gestures, like professional wrestlers. Drew grunted and yelled like an angry wrestler, ready for his next match.

models manuela arbelaez and amber lancaster on the price is right halloween episode
The Price Is Right models Manuela Arbelaez and Amber Lancaster during the show’s Halloween episode. Pic credit: CBS

As one might expect, the show’s fans reacted to a repeat Halloween episode airing just days after the Fourth of July holiday.

On an old video posted on the game show’s official Instagram recently, a commenter mentioned the re-run.

“Todays show with them dressed up as wrestlers was the dumbest episode I’ve ever seen,” one individual commented.

“It was the Halloween episode from last year and yeah it was pretty stupid,” a commenter replied.

screenshot from reddit comments about the price is right rerun episode
Pic credit: @On-A-Low-Note/

A Reddit subforum post also mentioned the repeat episode and asked if there was an announcement about the show going on a break.

“Are they on summer break now??” a commenter asked.

“Probably off for summer break. They do it every year,” another individual commented.

“They’ll be back for next season like always, a commenter wrote.

screenshot from reddit subforum asking about the price is right new episodes
Pic credit: @On-A-Low-Note/

When will new The Price Is Right episodes air?

As commenters mentioned, The Price Is Right recently concluded its season and is on break during the summer.

A new episode aired on Thursday, July 4, but now reruns will be on until the show’s return.

As of this writing, there are no reports with an official date for the Season 53 premiere. Based on previous season premieres, it may arrive by late September.

According to a Fandom Wiki page for the game show, Season 52 premiered on September 25, 2023.

The recent Halloween episode originally aired in late October 2023. Fittingly, Drew previously worked with World Wrestling Entertainment, participating in one of their major live events. He also became a member of the WWE Hall of Fame in 2011.

Four years before that, he became the host of The Price Is Right, taking over for the legendary Bob Barker upon his official retirement.

He recently mentioned he had no intention to leave the show, even suggesting he might continue hosting until the day he dies.

The Price Is Right airs weekdays on CBS.

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