The Price is Right fans slam contestant’s win after Drew Carey says prize was ‘meant to be’

the price is right host drew carey during june 2024 episode
Drew Carey called a contestant’s win “meant to be” during The Price is Right. Pic credit: CBS

While it’s great to see people win on The Price is Right, some viewers suggested the show “fixed” a contestant’s win featuring a specific prize.

The popular game show has recently featured many memorable contestants, including “The Original Karen,” whom some viewers called out due to her bidding strategy.

Another contestant achieved one of the closest Showcase bids in the game show’s history.

A man also showed incredible skills in the well-known Dice Game due to his ability to consistently roll the best possible numbers.

More recently, host Drew Carey referred to one contestant’s participation in a game for a particular prize as “meant to be.”

That had fans riled up, with some suggesting the game may have been “fixed” to help her win.

Drew suggested it was ‘meant to be’ as a contestant attempted to win a prize

Drew explained to a contestant, Letitia, how to play the Balance Game, which featured hanging scales and a trip to Morocco on the line. He told her she needed to choose two more bags from a group of bags that included a $4,000 bag, a $6,000 bag, and a $9,000 bag.

Once she chose the bags, those would go on one side of the scale. The Price Is Right model, Rachel Reynolds, would place the Morroco bag on the other side of the scale.

Drew told Letitia if she chose the correct bags, the scale would balance, and she’d win the trip.

“She’s been planning- You’ve been planning a trip to Morocco with your daughter, right?” Drew asked as Letitia was ready to attempt the game.

“I’ve been planning a trip to Morocco with my daughter. She lives in Spain, and we were gonna meet up soon,” Letitia said.

“So this is like meant to be maybe?” Drew asked. 

“This is meant to be,” she replied, looking at the audience for assistance.

After listening to some cheers from the crowd, Letitia carefully removed the $4,000 and $6,000 bags and placed them on one side of the scale. With a $625 bag already there, her guess was $10,625 for the six-day trip.

Rachel brought over the Morocco bag and placed it on the other side of the scale.

Special music played as the sides of the scale moved up and down. After several moments, the scale balanced, and Drew announced she’d won.

With that, the contestant showed excitement as she threw her arms up and ran around the stage. Letitia hugged Drew and then Rachel, who told her again, “meant to be.”

Drew called the win “amazing” since she was “already planning a trip” to see her daughter.

Viewers blasted game show after contestant’s win

Letitia’s win on The Price Is Right received mixed reactions from fans of the show. Some celebrated seeing her win the exciting and “meant to be” prize.

However, others called out the win, suggesting the show fixed it or that she didn’t need it.

“Sometimes I think they just give people they like the win,” a commenter wrote, and another replied, “I think the same way also.”

“She didn’t need that trip. She had the money to go to Morocco,” another commenter claimed.

screenshot from the price is right instagram about contestants win
Price is Right fans weigh in. Pic credit: @therealpriceisright/Instagram

“I love it!!! #DESTINYFULFILLED Congratulations!!” one commenter wrote. Another wrote that they were “so happy for her!!!!”

It’s not the first time some viewers questioned or called out a contestant’s win on the show.

As mentioned, a previous contestant displayed impressive rolls of the dice in another episode that aired within the past several weeks.

The contestant rolled only ones and sixes on the die throughout the game, which made it impossible to lose since each number in the price of the car he was trying to win was automatically displayed.

While some marveled at the man’s skills, a few commenters claimed his epic win happened due to a particular technique or that the game was “rigged” in his favor.

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