The Price Is Right fans call out show’s ‘incredible’ moment that stunned host Drew Carey and contestants

the price is right host drew carey face shot during june 2024 episode
Drew Carey was stunned by a recent moment on The Price Is Right. Pic credit: CBS

The Price Is Right recently had what they called an “incredible” moment that was historic for the game show.

A contestant achieved the “closest bid” in the game show’s history, likely surprising many viewers.

Host Drew Carey often admits when he’s impressed by a contestant showing great knowledge or skills on the show.

The latest occurrence seemingly left the host momentarily speechless before he could describe what happened.

The contestants also appeared to be stunned by what happened at that moment.

However, some of the show’s fans called out the achievement, suggesting that the show had a more significant moment: A perfect bid on The Price Is Right.

Contestant achieved ‘closest Showcase bid’ on game show

During the Friday, June 7 episode of The Price Is Right, a contestant named Patrice was vying to win some sweet prizes in the Showcase, the final segment of the game show.

Patrice’s Showcase prizes included an espresso machine, a trip to Miami, Florida, and a new Kia K5.

Carey announced that Patrice had bid $39,500 before he opened his card with the correct amount.

The host looked at the card, paused, and took several steps back, staring at it without saying a word. Carey looked stunned before speaking.

“So let me tell you. Let me just tell you,” Drew said as he dialed up the suspense amid audience cheers.

“$39,501,” he announced as Patrice looked shocked by the news.

The contestant was shocked, momentarily disappearing as he sank behind his podium. The show sounded alarms, bells, and other sound effects to reveal he’d won both Showcases.

“Off by a dollar,” Carey said as he walked over to the podiums, adding, “With no help from anybody in the audience by the way.”

When contestants bid within $100 of their Showcase without going over, they win a Double Showcase. So with Patrice’s win, he also claimed his opponent’s prizes in her Showcase.

The Price Is Right shared a clip of the impressive feat on their Instagram page, with the “closest Showcase bid in Price Is Right history” written over the video.

“What an incredible moment on today’s #PriceisRight! Congratulations to Patrice— our jaws are still on the floor! 🤯 #win #wholesome #showcaseshowdown,” the IG post caption said.

Drew indicated that the Double Showcase win was worth over $83,000 in prizes. He called it “the best showcase bid in the history of the show; in my opinion,” which likely caught some viewers’ attention.

It was a great ending for Patrice, as earlier in the show, he had missed out on winning a car during his time on stage. His wife Tina was cheering him on throughout the entire experience.

Viewers reacted to impressive moment on The Price Is Right

While The Price Is Right fans celebrated what the show labeled a historic moment with the contestant’s recent achievement, some viewers seemed to dismiss it as impressive.

A comment mentioned that the “late Bob Barker loves this moment,” as the legendary host had winners with bids that were “$2, $5, $8” away from the Showcase price. However, he never had a “$1 differential” like Drew got on the show.

“When Drew backed up, you knew it was gonna be BIG! Love it! Congrats,” a commenter wrote.

“Saw this today! This moment left me completely speechless! That’s one for the books,” another commenter said.

screenshot from the price is right instagram comments about closest bid in history
Price is Right fans celebrate. Pic credit: @therealpriceisright/Instagram

A contestant gave a ‘perfect bid’ in 2008

More than a few viewers suggested that the contestant’s “closest bid” moment wasn’t as historic as another contestant who bid the exact price of their Showcase.

A commenter mentioned, “A guy bid the exact amount on both his showcase and the initial item for bid on like Drews 2nd year.”

Another pointed out, “That was NOT the best bid in Price is Right, remember our guy who got it exactly right??? $23593 something like that?”

screenshot from instagram shows viewers reaction to the price is right closest bid video clip
More Price is Right fans weigh in. Pic credit: @therealpriceisright/Instagram

“Wow! Wonder what would happen if someone hit the exact amount,” a commenter asked.

Another commenter replied that it “happened in 2008” and “Even Drew had an interview with Kevin Pollak concerning the exact bid.”

tpir instagram comments screenshot talks about perfect bid on game show
Price is Right fans debate. Pic credit: @therealpriceisright/Instagram

Another individual commented that the recent historic moment was “the best double showcase winner I’ve ever seen with my very own eyes!”

“Go back to December 16, 2008 where someone had the exact Showcase bid and won both,” a commenter replied.

screenshot from the price is right instagram comments about perfect bid show
A memorable moment is discussed. Pic credit: @therealpriceisright/Instagram

All sorts of unique and hard-to-believe feats occur during The Price Is Right.

Not long ago, the show featured a contestant who went overboard giving what some viewers called a “disrespectful” million-dollar bid on Contestant’s Row, as he said he’d lost a bet and had to do it. Even so, he managed to win his way on stage later.

For those wondering, Terry Kneiss was the contestant who gave the perfect bid in 2008. There’s a documentary about his Double Showcase win called Perfect Bid: The Contestant Who Knew Too Much.

The documentary spotlights Ted Slauson, who helped Kneiss win but didn’t receive credit from Kneiss. Slauson became an expert at knowing the prices of prizes on the show and yelling out bid amounts to contestants, often helping them win.

Patrice’s bid still ranks among historic moments because it was closer than any contestant ever achieved without being a “perfect bid.”

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