The Masked Singer: Fans believe Fox is Joey Fatone’s pal Wayne Brady

Who is Fox on The Masked Singer?
Is Wayne Brady Fox on The Masked Singer? Pic credit: Fox.

Fox was the first of the remaining five masked singers who competed for a spot in the finals on last night’s holiday-themed semifinals episode of The Masked Singer, titled Two Masks Take It Off.

While offering clues, Fox revealed that Joey Fatone, who appeared as Rabbit on the show last season, was his friend.

Based on this clue, many fans believe that Fox is Wayne Brady.

Fox’s Rabbit clue

Fox did a beautiful cover of This Christmas by Donny Hathaway.

He then presented his Christmas gift, which turned out to be a photo of Rabbit, a former contestant on The Masked Singer. Fox said Rabbit was his friend.

This clue led to questions about the identity of the celebrity who appeared on the show as Rabbit and Jenny McCarthy immediately confirmed that Rabbit was the NSYNC boy-band member Joey Fatone.

“My buddy Rabbit came by the Foxhole and told me I would have just as great a time as he did,” Fox said, “and boy, was he right.”

The revelation that Joey Fatone was Fox’s friend led to more questions. Was Fox another member of NSYNC or a friend to Fatone?

Are Joey Fatone and Wayne Brady friends?

Based on the Joey Fatone friendship clue, many fans think that Fox could be Wayne Brady because he and Joey Fatone are known to be very close friends.

According to a July 2, 2007 report by Orlando Sentinel, Joey Fatone and Wayne Brady grew up together in Florida. Fatone descried Brady as a very close friend and revealed that they attended the Dr. Phillips High School in Orlando, Florida, together.

“Wayne and I went to the same high school — he graduated six years before me — had the same drama teacher and worked at Universal Studios together in the same show,” Joey said. “Wayne is a good friend.”

When asked how close he and Wayne were, Joey said they never missed an opportunity to see each other.

“When Wayne comes to Orlando to visit or I go to L.A. for work, we always get together, have dinner, share business stories and talk about when we dreamed of making a living at this level of the entertainment business,” Joey said. “We have been close since 1995. It’s crazy to think how far we have both come.”

Wayne also confirmed that he and Joey were very close.

“Joey is a dear friend of mine,” Wayne said.

Is Fox Jamie Foxx?

While fans remain convinced that Fox is Wayne Brady, and the reference to “foxhole” in his clue package was to throw off the panelists and make them think he was Jamie Foxx.

Nicole Scherzinger argued that “foxhole” could be a reference to Jamie Foxx’s comedy show, the Foxxhole, on Sirius XM Radio channel 96, but she finally settled for Tyrese.

Based on the “Richard” clue in Fox’s clue video, Ken Jeong said that Jamie Foxx’s real name was Richard Bland. The other panelists and host Nick Cannon disagreed with Jeong. Cannon told Jeong that Foxx’s real name was Eric Marlon Bishop and not Richard Bland.

Fox was so bored with Jeong’s speculation that he laid down to sleep in the middle of the stage.

Only Robin Thicke guessed that Fox was Wayne Brady.

Two masked celebrities were unmasked last night

Fox competed on last night’s episode against four other masked contestants: Rottweiler, Thingamajig, Flamingo, and Leopard.

It was the night of the “double reveal,” which meant that two of the five masked celebrities would have to be unmasked. The first of those two celebrities was Leopard, who turned out — as fans expected — to be the British musician Seal.

Thingamajig was also revealed — as widely expected — to be the NBA star Victor Oladipo.

The Masked Singer airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Fox.

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